This gamer onesie features a ‘Drop Seat System 6.0’ for easy bathroom breaks

This gamer onesie features a ‘Drop Seat System 6.0’ for easy bathroom breaks

WTF?! Bauhutte, the Japanese business that appears to believe it can include the word “player” prior to any item in order to increase its appeal, is back at it once again with an upgraded variation of its onesie that lets you respond to the call of nature without needing to get rid of the stinking product you have actually been festering inside for days.

As reported by Soranews24, Bauhutte’s Damegi 4G, or “Ninja Onesie” in English, is among the business’s more popular items– though in spite of the deceptive name, it has no cellar connection.

Developed with players in mind, users can frame themselves inside what is basically a wearable blanket, total with a front area that can be zipped past the eyes, strangely. This permits some marathon Civilization sessions without feeling the cold. The issue is that frustrating requirement to go to the restroom.

Thanks to an upgrade called the “Drop Seat System 6.0,” users no longer need to go through the tough job of eliminating the Damegi 4G when opting for a sit-down toilet go to. It guarantees “exceptionally quick butt release and butt clean-up,” something we can all value.

How to take a second in a onesie

The Damegi 4G has a remarkable 4.3 out of 5 score on Amazon’s Japanese website, where it costs the equivalent of around $100 It’s likewise on this website for $249, a cost that would most likely persuade users simply to use diapers.

We have actually covered a few of Bauhutte’s doubtful items in the past. In 2015, there was its ‘ video gaming bed‘ that seems a routine bed with the business’s side systems and desks positioned around the exterior. There was likewise its ‘ video gaming bed mattress,’ which, once again, looks suspiciously like a typical bed mattress. And no RGB on any of them.

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