Microsoft restores individual “default browser” setting in Windows 11 preview

Microsoft restores individual “default browser” setting in Windows 11 preview

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Single button for altering default web browsers works like the one in Windows 10.

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It’s been a rough week for Microsoft’s Edge web browser in the court of popular opinion as users whined about the addition of a questionable “purchase now, pay later on” funding function and another layer of pop-up messages that attempts to discourage users from setting up Google Chrome Microsoft isn’t completely unresponsive to user criticism when it comes to Edge– the most current Dev channel Windows Expert develop of Windows 11 brings back a button in the Settings app for setting your default internet browser, something that existed in Windows 10 however is missing out on from the existing steady variation of Windows 11.

The modification, initially found by designer Rafael Rivera, includes the default internet browser button to the top of the Settings app when you browse to any internet browser in the “Default apps” area. The button immediately alters the default app for opening http, https,. htm, and.html files and links rather of making users alter each of these associations by hand (or counting on internet browser makers to develop that ability into their internet browsers themselves).

For all the other file types that Microsoft Edge can manage, consisting of PDFs, SVG files, and others, you’ll still require to alter those associations by hand and one at a time. This is currently how the default web browser button worked in Windows 10, so it at least represents a reversion to the pre-Windows 11 status quo rather than a brand-new difficulty to leap over.

Includes being checked in the Dev channel constructs of Windows are typically predestined for the os’s next significant maintenance upgrade, which for Windows 11 will take place at some point in the fall of2022 Current builds have actually started to deal with some typical grievances about Windows 11’s interface modifications, consisting of modifies to the Start menu and taskbar

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