Microsoft finally caves and makes it easier for users to switch default browsers in Windows 11

Microsoft finally caves and makes it easier for users to switch default browsers in Windows 11

In a nutshell: If you have actually been irritated by Windows 11’s nastiness concerning setting internet browser defaults (or have actually prevented updating due to the fact that of it), things must be altering quickly. Sneak peek develop 22509 included a “set default” button. It streamlines the procedure by altering all web extensions to your web browser of option, however you still need to go into the Settings app to utilize it.

Microsoft will quickly make it simpler to change default internet browsers in Windows11 Independent app designer Rafael Rivera found a brand-new set-default button on the most recent Windows 11 test construct. The choice is under Settings > Apps > Default Apps >[browser of choice]

Presently, users can just set an internet browser to default when accessing web browser procedures from another program for the very first time. Opening an HTML file or clicking a web link in a Word file will bring up a timely asking which set up internet browser you would like to utilize. There is a check box to set that program as the default for that file extension (. html), however if you forget to inspect it, it defaults back to Edge and the timely will not return once again. To alter it, you have to go into Windows settings and flip each specific extension setting by hand.

Windows construct 22509 has a brand-new web browser [Set default] button.

— Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael) December 1, 2021

Microsoft validated to The Brink that Experts are presently screening the modification in a sneak peek construct of Windows 11.

” In the Windows 11 Expert Sneak Peek Build 22509 launched to the Dev Channel on Wednesday, we structured the capability for a Windows Expert to set the ‘default internet browser’ to apps that sign up for HTTP:, HTTPS:,. HTM, and.HTML,” stated Vice President of Windows Marketing Aaron Woodman. “Through the Windows Expert Program, you will continue to see us attempt brand-new things based upon client feedback and screening.”

Microsoft has actually heavy-handedly pressed its Edge internet browser on users because releasing Windows11 It began by just making it a discomfort to switch defaults from Edge to an option. When web browser makers started pressing back with workarounds, Microsoft doubled down and took actions to block them.

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