Huawei’s Hou Jinlong: Company to Promote Development of Clean Energy and Energy Digitalization

Huawei’s Hou Jinlong: Company to Promote Development of Clean Energy and Energy Digitalization

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At Huawei’s TrustInTech Top 2021, hosted online on Thursday night, Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of the business and president of Huawei Digital Power, stated, “Over the next 30 to 40 years, we will continue to see intelligence and low-carbon gain traction. Going smart needs digital innovations, while reducing our carbon footprint needs power electronic devices innovations. As these patterns development, the international energy market will alter from resource-dependent to technology-driven.”

For that reason, the company will make efforts in 5 elements to promote the advancement of tidy energy and energy digitalization in the future.

Very first: tidy power generation. By utilizing smart and digital methods to properly handle each series of elements in the photovoltaic park, the power generation of the power station can increase by more than 2%.

2nd: energy digitalization. Technologies such as cloud and AI can be utilized to develop a digital twin of the entire procedure from energy production to intake, consequently enhancing performance.

3rd: transport electrification. New energy lorries’ battery life and charging experience will be enhanced.

4th: green ICT facilities. We can change information centers and interaction networks into a green and low-carbon digital facilities, increasing computing power and connection per watt.

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5th: low-carbon cities. Hou revealed at the top that the company’s Shenzhen Antuoshan base, which is presently under building, is anticipated to be taken into usage next year and will be the world’s biggest “PEDF” (photovoltaic, energy storage, direct present and versatility) near-zero carbon park. As soon as finished, the base will have the ability to produce 1.5 million kWh of photovoltaic green electrical power every year. Its yearly power usage will be decreased from more than 14 million kWh to 7 million kWh, conserving 50%of energy use and lowering carbon emissions by more than 60%.

Since September 30, 2021, Huawei Digital Power has actually assisted clients create 443.5 billion kWh of green power and conserve 13.6 billion kWh of electrical power. This is comparable to lowering carbon emissions by 210 million loads and planting 290 million trees.

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