Geely Group to Launch Converged Online Car-Hailing Platform ‘Xingfu Qianwanjia’

Geely Group to Launch Converged Online Car-Hailing Platform ‘Xingfu Qianwanjia’

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Jiemian reported on Thursday that a source associated to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group found out that Geely will release a converged online car-hailing platform called ‘Xingfu Qianwanjia’, which indicates ‘bringing joy to 10s of countless households’ in Chinese.

The platform is concentrated on self-operated compliance capability and opens to third-party service providers with premium compliance capability. The task is headquartered in Chongqing.

The source likewise states that unlike Meituan and AutoNavi, which embrace a loose cooperation mode with 3rd parties, Xingfu Qianwanjia primarily promotes compliance capability, and needs skilled third-party suppliers to own their own lorries and chauffeurs. Geely’s subsidiary accountable for the job will be deeply included with significant capability companies through financial investment.

At present, Geely has 4 sub-brands in the travel area: Caocao Chuxing, Limao Chuxing, Yao Chuxing and Xingfu Qianwanjia. These brand names are various, amongst which Caocao Chuxing concentrates on the entire situation, Limao Chuxing focuses on tailored travel, and Yao Chuxing stresses quality travel.

Outsiders believe that for conventional automobile makers like Geely, online car-hailing platforms can reach users to the optimum degree, discovering users’ use routines and roadway information as much as possible, which in turn effects their carmaking and adds to the design of unmanned driving. On the other hand, as conventional vehicle business grow gradually in sales, they can be rejuvenated and the sales volume can be improved by dealing with online car-hailing.

Online car-hailing has actually gone into a period of stock competitors, however the platforms with compliance capability are still competitive. On November 30, China’s Ministry of Transportation and 8 other ministries collectively released a viewpoint worrying that regional transport authorities ought to advise the business of online car-hailing platforms to strictly comply with laws and policies, and must not utilize chauffeurs and cars without online car-hailing licenses.

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Considering That Didi, an online car-hailing giant in China, came under guidance in July, the company could not get any brand-new users through its tiny program in WeChat or through its app. In the previous 6 months, the order volume of other online car-hailing platforms has actually increased by 2-3 times. Didi revealed today that the business will start the delisting procedure from the NYSE, and will begin preparations for listing in Hong Kong.

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