An interactive Doja Cat music video can introduce you to programming

An interactive Doja Cat music video can introduce you to programming

Women Who Code, the not-for-profit company that intends to get more females and women thinking about the field of computer technology, has actually debuted what it calls the “very first” codable video. The company partnered with Doja Feline, changing her brand-new video for Female into an interactive experience.

You can try the experience on your own at, where you’ll be welcomed by a futuristic picture of Doja Feline that ends up being pixelated as you drag your mouse over the screen. On the next page, you’ll see 3 stars, each of which represents a various programs language– yellow for CSS; blue for Javascript; and pink for Python.

When you click the video, the experience starts. It plays similar to Doja Feline’s initial video, just you’ll get to make choices throughout, sort of like a pick your own experience video game, however with code. The timeline on the bottom of the screen includes 4 color-coded stars, revealing when the video will stop briefly and which shows language will be showcased.

Typing in a color alters the appearance of Doja Feline’s nails.
Screenshot: Emma Roth/ The Brink

When the video stops, you’ll have the ability to fill out the blanks besides lines of code. The very first break lets you alter the color of Doja Feline’s nails utilizing CSS; the color you type in changes the color of Doja Feline’s nails in real-time. In another circumstance, going into the name of a city alters the time of day in the video, and it even remains real to that area’s existing time– after I enter “Tokyo” at around 10: 00 AM ET, the sky in the video turned dark and constellations ended up being noticeable, all in line with Tokyo’s 12: 00 AM regional time.

At the end of the experience, you’ll get photos of how each location took care of you ended up “coding” it, which the website then lets you download or share to social networks. While the DojaCode video does not include any extreme quantities of shows, I still discovered it enjoyable to explore typing in various choices and seeing my modifications quickly work.

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