The Fortnite island flipped over during Chapter 2’s final event

The Fortnite island flipped over during Chapter 2’s final event

Fortnite’s huge chapter-ending occasion simply ended, and it was a huge one. After a full-blown war versus UFOs, zombies, and the Cube Queen, gamers were conserved in a rescue objective led by Dwayne Johnson. (Well, his in-game character.) The island turned over.

The occasion

Let’s back up a bit. The video game’s most current season has actually been everything about the cubes, and right when the occasion filled up, a mystical huge blue cube generated on the map beside all of the gamers in my lobby. Leaping at the cube bounced gamers away, however it otherwise, didn’t do anything beyond loom ominously. We likewise might take a look at the Cube Queen in the range, which has actually been drifting in an energy ball over the center of the island for part of the season.

Hi, blue cube.
Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Brink

The Cube Queen drifts menacingly in the range.
Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Edge

When the even’t countdown clock reached 10 minutes, the Cube Queen’s wicked laugh echoed over the island and zombies began generating in front of our base. Weapons were included to everybody’s stock, so gamers worked to fend off the inbound zombie cannon fodders (though the zombies didn’t appear to present any genuine hazard).

Stay back!
Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Edge

When the clock reached absolutely no, an alarm roared over the island, and the Cube Queen’s pyramid shone brilliant. She introduced a beam into the sky that opened a substantial portal exposing a crowd of huge UFOs. Throughout the video game’s seventh season, the island was under the shadow of simply one UFO; the Cube Queen had actually brought an army.

UFOs and zombies approached the blue cube as gamers attempted to fend them off. The fight started to look unwinnable, and things went from bad to even worse when a UFO blew up the blue cube.

Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Brink

After that, the occasion took an intriguing twist, moving the point of view under the surface area of the island to a CGI cutscene. (It was type of like if Netflix made a Fortnite television program.) The video game’s primary character, Representative Jones, was strapped to a lab chair with a gadget on his head, and Medical professional Slone, who betrayed gamers at the end of last season, was apparently ready to end Jones’ life. A hulking figure understood as The Structure burst in to conserve the day– and he took off his mask to expose that he’s played by, as presumed, none other than Dwayne Johnson.

As Jones and The Structure attempted to get to security, 2 other characters dressed likewise to The Structure saved gamers on the surface area and brought them down to the inner island. Gamers were then offered control to follow somebody called The Researcher to get to Jones and The Structure. Throughout the escape, the island started to tip over bit by bit.

The island started to topple gradually.
Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Edge

Ultimately, gamers made it to Jones and The Structure at the No Point (basically a huge ball of energy that has actually been a crucial plot point in Fortnite). The Researcher ensured everybody that we were safe, however then among the huge zombies smashed a window, triggering water to enter and for everybody to be displaced.

Quickly, my character emerged and saw as the island gradually tipped approximately be entirely vertical and after that fall the other method. That squashed the Cube Queen, which triggered the huge website with the UFOs to close up. The island turned all the method over exposing an entire brand-new landscape. At a range, you might see a bit of the brand-new locations to check out, however a tidal bore rapidly swept my gamer out to sea.

When will Fortnite be back?

Simply me and the open water.
Screenshot: Jay Peters/ The Edge

Now, Fortnite simply reveals my gamer at sea on an empty log. I can’t move, and there’s barely anything on screen other than for me, my log, and the huge open ocean. It’s all similar to the bla c k hole that bridged the shift in between Chapters 1 and 2.

There’s no timer or any sort of sign of when Chapter 3 may be playable. If you desire a sneak peek of what’s to come, a dripped trailer looks to have actually ruined a lot of what you can anticipate.

This chapter, which began in October 2019 after a multi-day downtime including the great void, pressed Fortnite’s growing narrative aspirations with occasions including first-person storytelling, a game shooter versus a Marvel bad guy, a thrilling single-player occasion to attempt and support truth, and even an objective inside an alien mothership filled with cubes Chapter 2’s concluding occasion took things another advance, and now we’ll need to wait and see what Legendary has in shop for Chapter 3.

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