JiDU Automobile Announces Patent for Autonomous Driving System

JiDU Automobile Announces Patent for Autonomous Driving System

( Source: JiDU)

According to Tianyancha APP, on Friday, JiDU Auto, a joint endeavor in between Baidu and Geely, made an application for a self-governing driving patent.

According to the abstract of the patent, the self-governing driving approach will prepare the path through the map placing module while the environment tracking module has the ability to carry out complete angle detection around the whole vehicle body. The control board will obtain the proper control reasoning according to the prepared path and real-time roadway conditions.

In order to manage the expense of developing such a system, the self-governing driving system is geared up with the least variety of radars, cams and sensing units, hence resolving the problem of massive industrial application.

Baidu, JiDU Automotive and Qualcomm Technologies revealed on November 29 th that JiDU’s very first production automobile will include an intelligant digital console system helped by Baidu and Qualcomm Technologies. JiDU will produce cars including the brand-new digital console and are anticipated to be readily available in 2023.

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Xia Yiping, CEO of JiDU discussed the business’s advancements, stating: “JiDU has actually quickly grown considering that its beginning half a year ago where we have actually carried out software application advancement recognition for production automobiles based upon the Software application Combination Mule Vehicle (SIMUCar), along with the advancement of wise digital cockpits and smart driving abilities.”

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