Anycubic Photon Mono X Review

Anycubic Photon Mono X Review

The Anycubic Photon Mono X was launched in the year 2021 with a guarantee of reasonably big, quick, affordable 3D prints. This gadget is a run-down neighborhood (liquid resin) 3D printer, made to provide outcomes comparable to those of much more costly 3D printers, here with just the fundamentals in play. Do not let that balance in favor of cost-effectiveness fool you into believing that when it concerns premium prints, the Photon Mono X is anything less than excellent.

Setup procedure

Anycubic Photon Mono X deals with an 8.9-inch 4K grayscale LCD screen for UV-sensitive resin printing. Integrated with a large arm and develop plate, this maker has an overall construct location of 7.56 inches (L) by 4.7 inches (W) by 9.645 inches (H). Setup needs connecting the print plate, screwing in the WiFi antenna, and checking the print flooring.

The printer is managed by a 3.5-inch touchscreen panel at the front of the device. This touchscreen is vibrant, brilliant, and legible– however as it constantly appears to be with this sort of setup, it ‘d be better if whatever were simply a bit bigger so that print file names might be more quickly recognized. The software application this device runs is extremely standard and practical.

The desktop software application this device deals with isn’t rather as easy to use as we ‘d like. Anycubic Photon Workshop is fantastic for Anycubic users since it has all of the Anycubic maker specs integrated by default. Automated assistances are undecided, and preparatory work is typically needed for complex 3D items prior to they get in the workshop app, or the app itself locks up and/or crashes.

This is a pity since as soon as the software application provides a print file that can be printed by the 3D printer, the device does its deal with aplomb. The print speed and the print quality we have actually seen with this printer are amongst the very best we have actually seen in a run-down neighborhood 3D printer given that the start of our 3D printing evaluation journey.

Connection and operation

This gadget has a WiFi antenna for connection with a mobile app. The mobile app is relatively good, though it does raise a concern of performance. If this device can revealing information to a user about print development, resin requirements, and print layers staying, along with permitting push-button controls (stop and go and stop briefly), in addition to on-the-go modifications of direct exposure, increasing height, and speed, why is this very same performance not allowed a desktop app?

That, it would appear, stays a function relegated to even more pricey 3D printers. In the meantime, we still require to utilize a USB adhere to move print files from a desktop maker to the printer.

Changing the resin barrel is an untidy service, however the Photon Mono X has actually taken a few of the uncertainty out of the procedure by consisting of a precision-fitted area on the surface area of the printer. One actually can not position this print barrel down in an inaccurate position, as its fit is accurate and helped by a set of easy thumb screws.

The tight fit likewise sets up some defense versus the odd resin spill, as the product can sneak over the side and under the resin tray with this sort of printer. Such a scenario can ruin a 3D print, ruin the gadget’s LCD screen, and ruin the resin tank. It’s fantastic that Anycubic has actually developed this resin tank to fit tight versus and surrounded by the print surface area.

Print quality

We have actually evaluated a number of various UV reactive resins in this 3D printer evaluation, and they have actually all produced outstanding outcomes. Yet, we have actually not had an unsuccessful print due to anything aside from user mistake.

Above and listed below, you’ll see a mini sculpture printed in pink. This pink resin was made by Anycubic. Utilizing this resin, the software application supplied by Anycubic, and the settings recommended by the business, the very first print was ideal. The one modification I required to make remained in the X-height of the print in the software application prior to including assistances. This software application recommends that you begin with the print flat versus the print bed, however at this small print size, we’re searching for more strong assistances than the 2 small flat feet on which this 3D-printed animal stands.

Next, you’ll see a horse skull printed in 2 parts that look like they were printed together, though they were printed in 2 different runs.

The quality and accuracy of the print correspond throughout, and the end product feels and look expert. The information provided by this printer is outstanding. So long as print settings are on-point, there’s little factor to question all the claims made by Anycubic about the abilities of this hardware.

Washing and Treating

Putting prints made with this printer through an Anycubic Wash & Remedy Plus device considerably lowered post-print clean-up. One part of this device cleans off excess resin still covering the outside of your 3D print– as revealed all drippy in the picture of the pink beast still connected to the printer above. The other part of the procedure puts the 3D print through a brilliant light session so that any still-present not-quite-cured components are made completely strong.

The Anycubic Wash & Remedy Plus– a different purchase– is priced anywhere from $189 to $249, depending upon when and where you purchase it. It’s one maker with 2 actions: One wash tank and one treating light with a turning base. As it was with the Elegoo Mercury X Package (cleaning and treating maker), we advise you make the treating and the cleaning up a routine part of your 3D printing procedure if you’re utilizing a shanty town (liquid resin) 3D printing procedure. It makes the entire experience run smoother and produces even much better outcomes than you ‘d get otherwise.

Alternative 3D printers

If you desire all the bells and whistles that include the optimal possible rate in a 3D printer, our Formlabs Kind 3 3D printer evaluation must be of interest to that cash burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re trying to find a less expensive design that can quickly print generously-sized items, the Photon Mono X may simply be your best option.

If you wish to see what a high quality small format run-down neighborhood 3D printer appears like, head over to our Elegoo Mars Pro Evaluation and look. This 3D printer is every bit as excellent as the Anycubic maker, however with a far smaller sized physical size and lower rate variety.


Anycubic Photon Mono X was economical when it was very first launched, and it’s just getting more budget friendly. At many, you’ll pay around $759 from Anycubic’s online shop. That’s a good rate for the Anycubic Photon Mono X offered the abilities, size, and quality of the item.

The cost for 1kg of liquid UV resin is all over the location at the minute. We’re talking anywhere from $18 to $35 a bottle, depending upon which online shop you’re taking a look at and what sort of sales remain in play. At that rate, you’re taking a look at a chance to purchase all sorts of various colors for screening and production with little stress over your wallet breaking down due to the enormous quantity of bottles you will purchase.

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