Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Successfully Develops World’s First 3D Stacked In-Memory Computing Chip Based on DRAM

Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Successfully Develops World’s First 3D Stacked In-Memory Computing Chip Based on DRAM

( Source: Alibaba)

On Friday, Alibaba Cloud revealed in a social networks post that its DAMO Academy has actually effectively established a 3D stacked In-Memory Computing (IMC) chip.

Alibaba Cloud declares this is an advancement that can assist conquer the von Neumann traffic jam, a constraint on throughput brought on by the basic desktop computer architecture. It satisfies the requirements of expert system (AI) and other circumstances for high bandwidth, high capability memory and severe computing power. In the particular AI circumstance checked by Alibaba, the efficiency of the chip is enhanced by more than 10 times.

With the break out of AI applications, the imperfections of the existing computer system architecture are slowly exposed. The primary issues are that, on the one hand, processing information brings big energy usage. Under the standard architecture, the power intake needed for information transmission from memory system to calculating system has to do with 200 times of that of calculating itself, so the genuine energy intake and time utilized for computing are really low.

On the other hand, the advancement of memory innovation lags far behind that of the processor. At present, the computing power of the processor is increasing at a rate of 3.1 times every 2 years, while the efficiency of the memory is just enhanced by 1.4 times every 2 years. The efficiency of information storage innovation considerably impacts the speed of information transmission.

Alibaba Cloud thinks that IMC is presently the very best method to fix the above issues. Comparable to the human brain, IMC shops information in RAM and processes it in parallel, providing real-time insights that make it possible for companies to provide instant actions and reactions.

This innovation was proposed as early as the 1990 s. Nevertheless, due to the intricacy of innovation, high style expense and absence of application situations, the research study development of IMC in the market has actually been sluggish in the previous years. Nowadays, Alibaba’s DAMO Academy wishes to resolve the market issue of calculating power traffic jam through self-developed ingenious innovations.

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In addition, the IMC has broad application potential customers. In VR/AR, unmanned driving, huge information computation, and remote picking up image information analysis, IMC can provide complete play to its functions of high bandwidth and low power usage.

At present, the research study outcomes of this chip have actually been consisted of in the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2022, the primary worldwide online forum for discussion of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip. In the future, DAMO Academy wants to make additional advancements in IMC innovation and slowly recognize common applications to assist develop the technological environment.

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