Tesla Cyberquad launched: An ATV made for kids with a Cybertruck design

Tesla Cyberquad launched: An ATV made for kids with a Cybertruck design

Tesla presented their latest item in the nick of time for Christmas– the Cyberquad for kids which has a comparable style to the Cybertruck. Throughout Tesla’s statement of the Cybertruck in 2019, they pointed out that they would launch a full-sized Cyberquad ATV, however had actually made no previous declaration about a Cyberquad for kids, so let’s see what this ATV needs to use.

Cyberquad for Kids https://t.co/V9o355 OArP

— Tesla (@Tesla) December 2, 2021

This newly-released Tesla Cyberquad is produced kids aged 8 years of ages or greater which sports a style that looks like the Cybertruck. It can bring a weight of as much as 68 kg and is constructed with a complete stainless-steel frame that consists of a cushioned seat, LED light bars, and adjustable suspension with rear disk braking.

The Tesla Cyberquad is powered by a lithium-ion battery that will let you increase to 24 km on a single charge with claims that it will use up to 5 hours to charge when the battery is totally diminished. This ATV can increase to 16 km/h and has adjustable speeds– approximately 9km/h for novices, 16 km/h for the optimum speed, and 9km/h when reversing.

Presently, the Tesla Cyberquad for Children retails at 1,900 USD (approximately RM8,028) and is readily available for purchase from Tesla’s main online shop It’s just offered in the United States today, and Tesla hasn’t made any statements for a worldwide release.

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