Xiaomi Announces New Round of Organizational Restructuring

Xiaomi Announces New Round of Organizational Restructuring

( Source: Xiaomi)

Sina Tech reported on Friday that Xiaomi revealed a brand-new round of organizational restructuring, including the group’s executives, smart device department, China area and Internet company department. The reorganization is intended to enhance the business’s management abilities.

In regards to executives, Zhang Feng, a partner and Senior Vice President of Xiaomi, will no longer act as the Chief of Staff of the group. His companies, such as home appliances, tvs and note pads, have actually established quickly. Pan Jiutang will change him as the Chief of Staff of the group.

Yan Kesheng, Vice President of Xiaomi and General Manager of the Intelligent Manufacturing Department, will no longer work as Chairman of the group’s Quality Committee. With the promo of the group’s smart production technique and the velocity of the 2nd stage of the smart factory, Yan will commit himself to the smart production work. Li Tao, Vice Chairman of the Quality Committee will be the brand-new Chairman. Li has experience in item quality management, which contributes to the connection of the committee’s work.

The change will much better allow the 2 executives to concentrate on the instructions of the house device company and smart production procedures.

In order to promote the partnership in between software and hardware of smart devices, the Software and Experience Department and the System Software Department were combined into the Software Department while the IoT Platform Department was likewise combined into the Software Department.

Xiaomi’s existing structure reveals that the executive rotation system within Xiaomi has actually ended up being fully grown. Amongst them, Liu Yi was designated as Vice President of China Region and General Manager of the E-commerce Department. Wang Xiaoyan, Vice President of China Region, was selected as General Manager of Sales and Operation Department I, II, and III. Li Mingjin was designated as Deputy General Manager of Internet Business Department.

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The organizational restructuring has additional reinforced the promo of young executives, designating Liu Li as the deputy General Manager of the Sales and Operation Department III and Li Gefei as the deputy basic supervisor of Sales and Operation Department II.

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