Rumor claims Apple’s AR glasses have ‘Mac-level computing power’

Rumor claims Apple’s AR glasses have ‘Mac-level computing power’

Sometimes reports are so over-the-top that they strain trustworthiness.

According to a note to financiers by TF International Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo, seen by 9to5Mac, Apple’s long-rumored AR glasses are going to have some major– you might state, difficult– efficiency:

[I] t has Mac-level (PC-level) computing power, (2) it can run individually without counting on a Mac (PC) or an iPhone (phone), and (3) it supports an extensive series of applications instead of particular applications.

This does not make any sense. None at all.

First, what is “Mac-level” efficiency? Intel Macs? M1 Macs? Macs from 10 years ago?

Let’s presume that it’s M1-like efficiency. Something like an M1 MacBook Air or M1 iPad Pro. Even if you throw out the batteries, screen, ports, and unneeded weight, there’s still a reasonable little hardware delegated take into AR glasses.

And then you require smaller sized batteries.

That’s a great deal of power.

If Kuo had actually stated “iPhone-level” efficiency, I ‘d be less hesitant. Even then, an A-series Bionic chip is a lot of hardware to put into something individuals are going to use on their face.

Even scaling something like the iPhone to something that you ‘d endure your face would be a task. Take a look at the compromises that Apple has actually needed to provide for the Apple Watch.

But Kuo is extremely, really positive about the power the AR glasses would require:

Apple’s AR headset needs a different processor, as the computing power of the sensing unit is substantially greater than that of the iPhone. The AR headset needs at least 6-8 optical modules to concurrently supply constant video transparent AR services to users. In contrast, an iPhone needs approximately 3 optical modules running all at once and does not need constant computing.

Again, keep in mind that this is something that individuals are going to endure their faces.


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