Replace Windows’ built-in registry editor with a full-featured tool called RegCool

Replace Windows’ built-in registry editor with a full-featured tool called RegCool

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RegCool is an innovative computer system registry editor and editor enemy Offline-Hive files. In addition to all the functions that you can discover in RegEdit and RegEdt32, RegCool includes lots of effective functions that enable you to work faster and more effectively with computer registry associated jobs.


  • Replacing Windows Registry Editor – RegCool can change Windows’ integrated pc registry editor (regedit).
  • Offline Registry – RegCool has the ability to deal with a variety of computer registry hive files as a different stand-alone pc registry. Define a folder with computer registry structure files and load particular files from this folder as structures. Please see Online RegCool Help File for Details.
  • Search & change – Search and change pc registry secrets, worths and information with an incredibly quick search algorithm. You can browse the whole windows registry in about 10 seconds on a common PC!
  • Multiple regional pc registry windows – Allow to open several regional pc registry windows
  • Cut, Copy & Paste – Cut, copy and paste computer system registry secrets and worths
  • Secure computer system registry secrets – Allows you to open safe and secure pc registry secrets when running under the administrator benefit
  • Multiple reverse and renovate – The reverse history can be conserved to disk and refilled at start-up
  • Favorites management – Easy and versatile Favorites management
  • Backup & Restore – Complete Backup and bring back of the windows registry
  • Defragment – Scan and enhance your windows registry by getting rid of spaces and squandered area, consequently assisting to enhance system efficiency.
    • If you select to defrag your windows registry after the scan outcomes, be prepared to reboot your maker
  • Compare – Compare windows registry in between computer systems with incredibly quick speed
  • RegShot-Function – Regshot enables you to rapidly take a photo of your computer system registry and after that compare it with a 2nd one – done after doing system modifications or setting up a brand-new software

What’s New:

  • Added Offline Registry, DarkMode and enhanced Command Line Support. See the Online Help file of RegCool for information
  • Minor bug repairs.
  • Minor GUI enhancements
  • 100%Spyware FREE – No adware, spyware, malware, backdoors, web browser toolbars, “value-added software application” or Viruses.

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