Nestle Health Science Partners With Healint To Initiate A Fully Virtual Study On Ketogenic Treatment For Migraines

SINGAPORE, Nov. 20, 2021/ PRNewswire/– Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has actually started a research study checking out the efficiency of a ketogenic dietary supplement in decreasing migraine attacks. The completely virtual research study, occurring in Quebec, Canada, is examining the efficiency of a ketogenic dietary supplement established by Nestlé in decreasing the number, strength, and period of migraines in individuals with episodic migraines.

This completely virtual research study has actually been authorized for conduct in the Canadian province of Quebec, with clinical and regulative assistance from the Food & Nutrition Group within Intertek Assuris and is powered by a devoted module within the Migraine Buddy app established by Healint. The Clinical Research Unit at Nestlé Research is handling the trial and the scientific operations activities are being carried out by DIEX Recherche. This represents for Nestlé the very first randomized medical trial for main nerve system conditions to be carried out totally from another location, without any check outs at the medical website. 1

The digital platform permits individuals in the province of Quebec to be evaluated, hired, and tracked in real-time throughout the five-month research study, all from a single, user friendly, virtual user interface. The digital element minimizes the threat of human mistakes associated with standard paper-based records and increases the speed of information capture and cleansing.

” Migraines can be seriously paralyzing for patients, impacting every element of their lives,” stated Stephanie Blum, Global Head of Translation Research for Nestlé Health Science. “We have actually seen appealing proof that by enhancing brain basal metabolism, for instance with making use of ketones, the effect of migraines can be decreased.” Nestlé Health Science is utilizing a completely virtual research study to enhance client experience, making trial involvement more available and hassle-free, leading the way to future end-to-end digital scientific research studies in medical nutrition.

” The COVID-19 pandemic has actually highlighted the requirement and advantage for medical trials to go totally virtual; there are numerous expense effectiveness and advantages to a totally remote scientific trial which innovation platforms like Migraine Buddy can assist in,” stated François Cadiou, CEO of Healint.

” We strongly think that mobile health has the prospective to change the method medical research studies are provided” stated Cadiou. “We are pleased that this collaboration with Nestlé Health Science will permit medical trials to continue from another location and promote addition by extending the variety of individuals to beyond those living near physical trial websites.”

Migraine is the 6th most debilitating health problem on the planet, which impacts around a billion individuals worldwide. Over half of all migraine patients are never ever identified, while 15%of those detected with migraine experience more than 5 attacks each month. Thinking about that 75%of the migraine population is female which frequency peaks in between the ages for 18 and 44, the problem of migraine falls most greatly on ladies of childbearing age. Migraine is defined by moderate to extreme headache and is frequently accompanied by queasiness, throwing up and photophobia. 2 It has destructive impacts on everyday activities, it minimizes lifestyle and hinders performance with restricted involvement in expert, scholastic, and social settings.

About Nestlé Health Science


Nestlé Health Science is a leader in the science of nutrition and an internationally handled organization system of Nestlé. Our company believe in empowering much healthier lives through nutrition and are devoted to redefining the management of health, providing a substantial portfolio of science-based active way of life nutrition, medical nutrition and pharmaceutical services. Our comprehensive research study network, both within Nestlé’s R&D centers in addition to with external partners, offers the structure for items that can assist individuals to live their healthiest lives. Headquartered in Switzerland, we have more than 11,000 workers all over the world, with items readily available in more than 140 nations.


About DIEX Recherche


DIEX Recherche is a quickly growing medical research study business with 5 websites in the province of Quebec They have more than 50 continuous research studies and more than 40 research studies to come in different restorative locations, such as amnesia, heart disease, vaccine, ladies’s health, dermatology, liver illness and much more. For additional information about the business, check out

About Healint


Healint Pte Ltd is a leading health care innovation business that is changing how clients handle persistent main nerve system (CNS) conditions and how business carry out medical trials. Leveraging the current developments in software application, information science and user experience style, Healint puts health care in the hands of clients and empowers them to be active individuals in the discovery of brand-new treatments. Healint assists business to carry out virtual research studies, to increase the quality of the information gathered by reducing the barriers of entry for certified clients. The business’s very first worldwide program– the Migraine Buddy platform and its apps– has more than 3 million engaged users. Discover more at


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The Food & Nutrition Group within Intertek Assuris is a worldwide leader in providing specialist clinical, toxicological, and regulative consulting services. Our multi-disciplinary group of clinical and regulative specialists assists business attain regulative approvals for their food and dietary supplement components, in addition to their health claims, worldwide.

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