Make your Oculus Quest 2 fit — and sound— better with these discounted mods

Make your Oculus Quest 2 fit — and sound— better with these discounted mods

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The Oculus Quest 2 is a well-rounded strong piece of hardware, and it’s a popular vacation present because there are some lots occurring now. Anybody who currently owns one can inform you that the business’s straps leave a lot to be wanted. The fabric strap consisted of in package isn’t encouraging, and while the < a data-cdata=" B08F5TZW2J" has-subtag=" real" href=" F5TZW2J/? tag= theverge02-20" rel=" sponsored nofollow noopener" target=" _ blank" >$50 Elite Strap addresses that, it’s rather delicate. Mine broke within a year of typical usage, and browsing Oculus’ Reddit page will reveal you that some individuals’s straps fulfill a comparable fate.


A popular and crafty adjustment that you can make to your headset is to connect HTC’s Deluxe Audio strap( initially produced the Vive) with a set of third-party adapters to make it fit completely with your Oculus headset. Once it’s all set up, you ought to have a far more comfy headset, and the strap’s integrated earphones are a major upgrade over the Quest 2’s integrated speakers. I’m considering attempting this myself.

The reason that I’m discussing this now, obviously, is due to the fact that these devices are less expensive for Black Friday. HTC’s Deluxe Audio strap normally costs$100,< a data-cdata=" " has-subtag="real" href=" 06 Y2GDXMC/? tag = theverge02- 20" rel="sponsored nofollow noopener" target =" _ blank" > however it’s down to $69 at Amazon( this may look like a lot, however keep in mind, it’s both a tough strap and earphones in one). Match it with < a data-cdata =" DeadEyeVR-Deluxe-Adapter-Oculus-FrankenQuest " has-subtag="real" href=" MWS8NWR/? tag = theverge02 -20" rel="sponsored nofollow noopener" target =" _ blank" > this required $22 adapter package, and you’ll have made a lasting service for your Quest 2.

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How the Deluxe Audio strap looks linked to the headset it was developed for.

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