DUET Local Digital Twin Named Best Enabling Technology at World Smart City Awards

DUET Local Digital Twin Named Best Enabling Technology at World Smart City Awards

Smart City Expo and World Congress honored the DUET Digital Urban European Twin job as the innovation enabler of 2021!

DUET, Europe’s very first regional digital twin job for evidence-based policy making is the winner of the 2021 ‘Enabling Technologies Award’ provided by the Smart Cities Expo and World Congress. The award offers worldwide acknowledgment of DUET’s objective to support city governments all over by allowing them to much better visualise, replicate and anticipate the effect of both complicated everyday functional choices and longer-term policies through combination of metropolitan information into virtual reproductions of cities.

” This is a wonderful accomplishment for the DUET group which identifies the huge aspiration of our partner cities, Athens, Pilsen and the area of Flanders, to change and enhance services” stated Leven Raes, supervisor at Digitaal Vlaanderen and planner of the DUET job. “By concentrating on particular usage cases, from healthy movement to spatial preparation and resident engagement, we have the ability to produce multi-disciplinary safe digital experimentation environments, that make it simple for regional administrations to successfully design and check out policies prior to rolling them out on the ground.”

DUET’s ingenious Digital Twins take in open information and information designs from various sources within a city and incorporate them with brand-new innovation abilities consisting of expert system and advanced analytics to offer a reproduction city environment where policy experimentation can securely happen.

” I could not consider a better suited award,” stated Susie Ruston McAleer of 21 c, a founding partner of DUET present at the awards event. ‘Over the next 5 years making use of digital twins will change how cities aggregate information sticking to legal and ethical concepts, and intuitively make it reasonable. This making it possible for innovation will open the genuine capacity in open information for driving future choices for cities whilst concurrently improving the present city experience for all.”

The yearly World Smart City Awards is a prominent worldwide competitors that looks for to acknowledge pioneering tasks, concepts and techniques making cities all over the world more habitable, sustainable, and financially feasible. The awards go to the most ingenious and effective tasks being executed and established in the fields of information and innovation.

For more details on DUET go to www.digitalurbantwins.com

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