DJI Fly incompatibility with Google Pixel 6 phones grounds drone pilots

DJI Fly incompatibility with Google Pixel 6 phones grounds drone pilots

More than a month after Google’s most substantial phone upgrade struck the marketplace, DJI’s mobile application essential to fly its most popular customer drones is yet to support the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smart devices.

When Pixel users attempt to get their DJI drones off the ground, rather of getting the video feed, the DJI Fly app on their brand-new Google phones reveals them just a black screen.

This incompatibility in between the Pixel phones and DJI drones has actually left a number of Mavic Mini, Mavic Air 2, Mini 2, DJI FPV, Air 2S, Mini SE, and Mavic 3 users grounded. Drone operators have actually swamped DJI online assistance online forums and social networks with problems, however it appears a resolution is not coming whenever quickly– specifically considering that even Pixel 5 is not “formally supported” by the world’s biggest drone producer.

” DJI Fly is the only app I utilize which has actually had concerns with Android 12 and now the Pixel 6 particularly. Outrageous for a business that declares to have an ‘unrivaled dedication to R&D, a culture of consistent development’,” a user mentions on the main DJI Forum

Cameron B, a DroneDJ reader from Seattle, includes:

How insane is it that DJI does not support Google’s flagship phone running its flagship OS? I feel that’s definitely nuts! Envision if they didn’t support the iPhone 13 … it would be a mutiny!

So @DJIGlobal, what’s the handle not supporting brand-new Android phones with your DJI Fly app for my Mavic #drone?

I purchased a mainstream phone (Pixel 6 Pro) and now I can’t utilize my drone.???!!!

What’s up with this and when will it be dealt with?

— Tod Cordill (@todcordill) November 19, 2021

DJI agents, on the other hand, are prompting drone operators to utilize a various mobile phone for emergency situation flight objectives. As a mediator describes in the DJI Forum:

Upon examining the stated mobile phone (Google Pixel 6 Pro) that you are utilizing on the DJI Fly application, I am sorry to state that the stated mobile phone is not suggested for the stated DJI application. We would recommend utilizing a advised mobile phone for the DJI Fly application for compatibility and dependability functions. There is a possibility that the Google Pixel 6 Pro will have the ability to deal with the DJI Fly application. Given that it’s not yet enhanced with the stated DJI application, we can not ensure if it will work all the time and if it will be able to run all the functions of the DJI Fly application while utilizing it.

Unsurprisingly, this action is not agreeing with users.

From the very same DJI Forum thread:

What sort of a response is ‘utilize another phone’? Unlike some others, I just have one phone and I can’t simply ‘purchase’ another due to the fact that it’s extremely pricey to do so. I actually hope you men are providing this some severe effort to get it repaired!

Twitter user Josh Dunn composes in contract, “Support for the Pixel 6 Pro requires to be dealt with quicker than later on. Defaulting to the response of requiring to utilize an authorized gadget is not appropriate for among the greatest flagship phones of the year.”

LoL my drone is a paperweight up until the app gets an upgrade due to the fact that “play a video feed upon a Pixel 6” is too high an order for @DJIGlobal

Starting to see why it’s not on the Play Store!

— Tom Joad The Wet Sprocket (@Adequate_Scott) November 14, 2021

Incidentally, the issue is not restricted to the DJI Fly app. Other DJI apps consisting of GO 4, Mimo, and DJI Store are likewise supposedly crashing instantly upon setting up on the Pixel 6 gadgets.

@DJIGlobal any organized upgrade for DJI Mimo to Support 4k60 on Android? Would like to shoot 4k60 with my DJI OM 5 and the brand-new Pixel 6 Pro.

— Derek Clemmons (@dbc206) October 27, 2021

But, in the meantime, this is all DJI needs to state:

Having validated with our designated groups, the rising incompatibility concerns of Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro have actually been discovered. We will take note of it and make every effort to fix it as quickly as possible. Please wait patiently and thanks for your understanding. If it troubles you a lot, we would advise you obtain or utilize another suitable mobile phone.

That’s frustrating and we seriously hope DJI can develop a resolution quicker instead of later on.

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