Clippy is back… as a Windows 11 emoji

Clippy is back… as a Windows 11 emoji

What simply taken place? The newest Windows 11 sneak peek release consists of the intro of a brand-new design of emojis. After a PR project that began previously this summertime, Microsoft chose to reanimate Clippy as one of the brand-new emojis.

The upgrade presents emojis that are expected to be more in line with the “Fluent” design style of Windows11 They’re special to Windows11 You can trigger them by choosing Windows Update under Settings > Update & Security.

These are the brand-new emojis that Microsoft teased back in October. The graphics that the Windows UK Twitter account utilized at the time made some think Microsoft was preparing to offer its brand-new emojis a little 3D depth. That ended up not to be the case, as the account later on confessed its error, and the brand-new emojis launched today are undoubtedly 2D.

If this gets 20 k likes, we’ll change the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy.

— Microsoft (@Microsoft) July 14, 2021

The reanimated Clippy has actually changed the basic paper clip emoji. Clippy has actually been very little more than a meme for the majority of the last twenty years, however individuals old enough to have actually utilized Microsoft Office in the late 1990 s most likely keep in mind the initial Office Assistant avatar that would appear to use suggestions. Users at that time primarily thought about Clippy annoying, and the character had actually faded into obscurity by the Windows XP days.

In July of this year, Microsoft’s primary Twitter account proposed bringing Clippy back to change its paperclip emoji if the tweet got 20,000 likes. The tweet wound up with over 173,000 likes, so Redmond went through with the modification as assured.

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