The best beard trimmers shape your facial hair with ease

The best beard trimmers shape your facial hair with ease

Your beard, or absence thereof, can state a lot about your design and perceptiveness. A completely twirled mustache communicates an aspect of whimsy, whereas a complete beard recommends a sense of rugged experience. Cool, trim facial hair showcases consideration and accuracy, however a little bristle can make you appear cool and casual. Your facial hair is completely adjustable, however it takes a consistent hand and strong set of beard items to get the appearance you desire and send out the best message. A terrific trimmer is the focal point of any guy’s facial hair toolkit. The very best beard trimmer makes it simple to stabilize unequal sides, prevent agonizing razor burn, and guarantee you’re pleased with what you see in the mirror.

Things to think about when choosing the very best beard trimmer

There are a couple of crucial functions to remember while you browse the racks (essentially or otherwise) for a brand-new beard trimmer. The trimmer’s total construct quality, blades, battery, and accessories will make a distinction when you require to improve and restore your facial hair. You’ll likewise wish to think of benefit when it concerns take a trip and basic usage; do you require something cordless, or would you choose to fret less about charging? Listed below we will enter into more information about all the important things you’ll wish to think about prior to clicking contribute to haul, so you can feel great understanding you’ve made the ideal option for your hairs.

Consider the blade and motor type

One of the most essential things to focus on is blade type. You’ll mainly discover trimmers for guys with a stainless-steel, chromium, or titanium blade for a lasting, rust-free trim. You’ll likewise discover some other variations or blade hybrids like carbon steel, ceramic, or titanium-ceramic. Carbon steel is the sharpest however is more vulnerable to rust. Titanium-coated carbon steel is going to make the blade more weather-resistant while maintaining a tightness that’s higher for thicker hair. Ceramic blades tend to remain cooler throughout the cutting procedure. They can likewise keep sharpness longer than their steel equivalents, making them perfect for those with delicate skin. Strength and sharpness are especially essential when it concerns avoiding uneasy bumps and razor burn; more affordable products tend to pluck the skin instead of efficiently cut through the hairs, which can lead to inflammation. Stainless-steel is the most typical option, followed by straight-up titanium. Both products are strong and sharp however can do not have the additional strength and assistance discovered in the hybrids.

A vital equivalent to the blade is the trimmer’s motor. The motor powers the general motion of the blade. A strong motor indicates less pulling and less passes to get the cut you desire. You likewise desire something that is trustworthy and will not break down with time. Have a look at the noted SPM or strokes-per-minute to compare a motor’s total power. We’ll dive a little much deeper into motor functions when we talk about a trimmer’s cable, however bear in mind that an effective motor coupled with a strong, long lasting blade will lead to a tidy, consistent trim.

Best beard trimmer with a ceramic blade: Andis 63700 BGRC Hair Clippers

2900 Strokes Per Minute.

A fine, sharp ceramic blade for those with delicate skin. Amazon

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The Andis 63700 BGRC hair clippers are made with gorgeous ceramic blades that shape a terrific beard on the most delicate skin. These blades aren’t for everybody. They need some additional attention, which implies oiling them in between usages. This might include some actions to your grooming regular, however it’s a little cost to spend for an exceptional shave. At 2,900 strokes-per-minute, the motor is strong and constant. The trimmer works with any Andis CeramicEdge or UltraEdge blade, which indicates over 20 alternatives. While this trimmer comes corded, you can likewise go cordless if you buy the BGR battery pack and battery charger.

Think about the length and accuracy of your beard

Whether you like your facial hair to be complete, bushy, and down to your chest or cut nicely and near to the face, you’re going to wish to make certain the trimmer you get will match your length desires to a tee. Okay, great, you may desire shears for chest-length beards, however if your hair’s much shorter than approximately 18 millimeters, a trimmer may simply work.

Most of the very best trimmers for males included accessories and settings to assist you get closer to that ideal length. Some designs will have an integrated dial to change the blade’s place in relation to the guard. Some function digitally, indicating that they can save and duplicate your preferred length settings, show a readout of the length, and make changes at 0.1 millimeters. For referral, eliminating your 5 o’clock shadow would be approximately 0.2 millimeters of hair development. Accuracy trimmers will have extra blades that can be contributed to the razor head.

You can likewise try to find a trimmer that consists of a considerable variety of fixed-length guide accessories. These can be a bit stronger than a private, adjustable guide comb, and frequently work much better for longer beards. Some accessories can even assist you attain particular designs, like a goatee of heavy bristle. Whether you desire to preserve the exact same length every day or you have a deep desire to begin forming a circle beard, numerous fixed-length guide combs and other accessories will get the outcomes you need.

Best beard trimmer for shaping: Braun BT7240

You’re Totally Covered.

You’re ensured to discover a length you like. Amazon

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The Braun BT7240 has a devoted accuracy dial that can support 39 various length settings in 0.5-millimeter actions for beards approximately 20 millimeters long. It has a lasting battery that can remain totally powered for approximately 100 minutes at a time and is geared up with auto-sensing innovation that changes the power of the motor to fit the density of your beard, making it the very best beard trimmer for shaping. The head is rinseable, so you will not need to handle a huge mess, and this design includes an extra Gillette ProGlide razor for those days when you require to get a bit more detailed or tidy up your neck.

You can go corded or cordless

There are just 2 choices when it concerns trimmer connection: corded or cordless. Both are strong, however you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. A corded beard trimmer usually has a more robust and dependable motor. They last longer than their cordless equivalents, however they can likewise be less practical. If you go corded, we recommend getting a trimmer with a long adequate cable television that you will not discover yourself doing not have movement; typically, something around 5 feet will do. This ends up being particularly crucial if you require to take a trip or cut on the go. A corded trimmer will likewise never ever lacked battery. Anybody with a beard (or anybody who understands anybody with a beard) understands how terrible the outcomes can be when the trimmer lacks battery midway through a session. Yes, you can charge it, however simply wait till your booking begins at 7: 00 pm and your trimmer goes out early in your shave at 6: 30 pm.

This brings us to our cableless choice. We’ve currently discussed the primary con, which is that they can lack battery. Fortunately, if you’re thorough about charging, this should not be a big issue. Simply make certain you get something with long battery life or a low battery alert. Cordless trimmers are fantastic for mobility; they’re normally light-weight, and the battery chargers themselves are getting smaller sized and smaller sized. Lots of cordless trimmers will bring a minimum of one hour of power on a single charge, so unless you’re doing something especially complex, you need to make it out without additional hairs hanging on. Returning the trimmer to its charging dock is constantly a great concept. Ensure you’re never ever hung out to dry when it pertains to forming your beard.

Best cordless beard trimmer: Wahl Professional Magic Clip

Delight In Cordless Trimming.

You will not require an expert magician to carry out beard improving techniques. Amazon

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The Magic Clip from Wahl is among the very best cordless beard trimmers. It has a lithium-ion battery that can run for as much as 90 minutes on a single charge. It consists of a taper level for fading and mixing in addition to zero-overlap. The develop quality is gorgeous and simple to steer without compromising accuracy– you’ll seem like you’ve brought the hair salon into your house.

Best battery life: Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Shave for Days.

No requirement to plug in this trimmer whenever you shave.

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This streamlined trimmer from Bevel can last a massive 6 hours without being charged, suggesting you can take it on holiday without requiring to fret about carrying a plug around. With an ergonomic shape, 360- degree non-slip handling, and an antimicrobial blade to keep your shave tidy, this choice is both resilient and trustworthy adequate to depend upon for whatever from a complete shave to a trim.

Do you choose a damp or a dry shave?

When we discuss a “water resistant” beard trimmer, we do not always suggest doing a blind shave while you shower. Totally submersible trimmers exist, they’re quite difficult to discover and eventually do not have much useful usage. What we’re actually thinking about is the razor head. A washable razor head is terrific for washing all your trimmed hairs down the drain at last. Any clippings obstructing the blades or spilling out onto the restroom counter will be a distant memory. This likewise implies you can shave or cut a damp beard and usage gels or creams on top. It would be an embarassment to pop out of the shower just to recognize your beard requires to be totally dry prior to a shave, and you require to be on your method to work.

That being stated, if you are fairly proficient at time management and do not mind a little bit of additional work, then a dry-shave-only choice may be best for you. There are even some dry shave trimmers that have an integrated vacuum to get all the little hairs that you’ve just recently snipped off. If you’re going for something corded with an especially effective motor, then you’ll most likely end up with a dry-shave-only design. The most popular trimmers, nevertheless, are ones that can manage both a damp and dry shave. Keep in mind, you’ll most likely require to keep the trimmer out of the shower unless you value water resistant style above all else.

Best damp or dry beard trimmer: Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000

Do Not Fear Water.

Trim your beard damp or dry, day or night. Amazon

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The Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 is best for those searching for a little adaptability in their cutting choices. As the very best damp or dry beard trimmer it can be utilized on damp or dry hair with as much as 70 minutes of cordless usage, self-sharpening blades, and 17 accuracy length settings varying from 0.5 to 20 millimeters. You’ll quickly see the Philips is among our preferred beard trimmer brand names, so we likewise recommend you take a look at more of their items to discover what’s right for you.

What perk functions are essential to you?

While the most essential things to think about are blade, length and guide comb choices, connection, and damp shave capabilities, we should not mark down the range of benefit functions numerous modern-day beard trimmers offer. Should you base your whole purchase on whether the brand name consists of a nose trimmer? Most likely not. If the beard trimmers you narrowed it down to satisfy your requirements, might you base your choice on the addition of a clippings vacuum? Well, why not? Do not underestimate a low battery alert light. This little light might be the distinction in between looking suave and sharp on your next huge date or regrettably under-groomed.

If you’re intending to take on some other hairy locations, try to find a design that includes a nose, ear, or eyebrow trimmer to assist you attain your last appearance. You may likewise discover a grooming package that features in-depth blades or a considerable series of guide combs. Select higher-end designs consist of self-sharpening blades or a travel lock to avoid the razor from inadvertently switching on in your baggage and draining pipes the battery. There are even some trimmers that are geared up with laser guides to assist you keep a stable hand. Think of what would make your at-home grooming experience seem like a journey to the beauty parlor, or dig deep and opt for the benefit includes that will considerably reduce any trimmer troubles you’re constantly up versus.

Most glamorous beard trimmer: Philips Norelco MG7791

Travel-Friendly Luxury.

Your toiletry set has actually never ever looked so excellent. Amazon

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While this trimmer does not consist of the evasive low battery sign, it does have practically anything you might ever desire when it concerns facial hair care. Plus, the lithium-ion battery can last for as much as 6 hours, so you may not require that light anyhow. This Norelco MG7791 features 29 pieces inside its grooming set, consisting of an information trimmer, rotary nose and ear trimmer, body electric razor, comb, and cutting scissors. The head is completely washable, and the blades are dual-cut for increased sharpness and accuracy.

The finest beard trimmer brand names to understand

Out of all the different beard trimmer brand names out there, we have a couple of favorites. These business have actually stepped up to the plate, providing strongly developed builds, durable blades, and properly designed accessories. Wahl, Philips, and Braun are leading the market, and we believe it would benefit you to be familiar with them a little much better.


The Wahl Clipper Corporation was established in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl, who patented the very first useful electrical hair clipper. Ever since, Wahl has actually been a trimmer innovation leader, producing the very first cordless rechargeable hair clipper in 1967, the very first cordless beard and mustache trimmer in 1975, and the very first vacuuming customer beard trimmer in2001 Because 1919, Wahl’s items have actually broadened to consist of individual massagers, animal groomers, and other hair care salves, hair shampoos, and creams.


Philips is a Dutch international conglomerate corporation devoted to individual care and improvements in health innovation. Established in 1891 by Gerard Philips, the business began providing dependable electrical incandescent light bulbs and quickly ended up being accountable for restoring the Stirling Engine throughout World War II. In 1930, the business launched its very first electric razor, the Norelco, which stays a part of the business’s item lineup to this extremely day.


Braun is a Germany-based business that started as a little electronic devices store developed by Max Braun in1921 While Braun has actually gone through numerous extreme shifts and advancements in time, the business as we now understand it concentrates on quality and ingenious style, especially in the grooming department. Braun is maybe best understood for its hair grooming and elimination tools, though they likewise concentrate on thermometers, tooth brushes, watches, and kitchen area devices.

Grooming on a budget plan: Philips Norelco Multigroom

There are a lot of choices for the very best beard trimmer under $50 that we like (we’ve even noted one here), though we constantly advise conserving up simply a bit more to make certain you are purchasing an item that will last. If you aren’t eager to wait, never ever fear; there are some high-performing budget plan designs out there. Simply pay unique attention to the functions you desire and make sure the trimmer you’re considering can support your facial hair dreams. Designs under $50 are usually not as lasting, have less length choices, and little-to-no reward functions. When trying to find an economical trimmer, take a look at the Philips Norelco Multigroom It can take a while to gather a complete charge, however it is geared up with tempered steel blades and thirteen accessories to keep you looking fresh and tidy.

A last word on the very best beard trimmers

Hopefully, by now, you are getting ready and all set to go choose the very best beard trimmer for you. Continue to bear in mind your beard objectives, consisting of length and shape, while considering your way of life. Do you take a trip often, do you choose to shave post-shower, are you wishing to deal with some pesky nose hairs while you’re at it? Above all, you need to feel comfy and positive whenever you get your beard trimmer.

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