Seaberry carrier board turns a Raspberry Pi into a desktop PC with 11 PCIe slots

Seaberry carrier board turns a Raspberry Pi into a desktop PC with 11 PCIe slots

It’s a bit expensive, though


Fancy a Raspberry Pi 4 in a desktop ITX type element with 11 PCIe slots? The brand-new Seaberry provider board might make your desire become a reality– however for a relatively substantial cost.

As we pointed out previously this month, the upcoming Linux kernel 5.16 will sport much better assistance for the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module. This small daughterboard plugs into I/O provider boards, making the Compute Module a lot more flexible than the Raspberry Pi 4 appropriate

Seaberry Pi CM4 provider board

A popular usage for this seems controllers for DIY low-end NAS servers, such as the upcoming Wiretrustee SATA Pi and Radxa Taco A minimum of utilizing a Pi suggests more option of OSes and hardware, and the expectation of a longer beneficial life, than a bespoke service– our thanks to the reader who mentioned that Helios64 developer Kobol has closed down

Don’t get your hopes too high too quickly. The Seaberry board lets you construct a desktop PC utilizing off-the-shelf elements, as blog writer Jeff Geerling explains, at $435(about ₤325), it’s almost 10 times the rate of a low-cost x86 Mini-ITX motherboard. Yes, you’ll still need to include an Intel or AMD chip — however then a top-end Compute Module 4 with Wi-Fi, 32 GB of eMMC and 8GB of RAM will set you back ₤85 anyhow.

As Geerling found when packing a Taco with high-end SSDs, it led to efficiency dissatisfaction, so do not blow your heap simply.

You can’t get one for a couple of weeks anyhow. Canadian kit-making store Alftel Systems has actually offered out. Generally, it specialises in IT security and wireless, making specialised gadgets such as this $350 board for putting 12 M. 2 cards into a single PCIe slot, and the business is reeling from the level of interest from enthusiast Raspberry Pi fondlers:

” Our preliminary stock was offered out too quickly (in a matter of a couple of minutes) after Jeff Geerling published his video evaluation on YouTube,” the business stated. ®

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