New report calls for U.S. strategy to boost space economy

New report calls for U.S. strategy to boost space economy

by Sandra Erwin

A hub-and-spoke principle for a future business area logistics facilities. Credit: NASA/DoD/OSAM nationwide effort

NASA’s Bill Nelson and Space Force chief Gen. Raymond: ‘We think strong engagement from throughout federal government, market and academic community is important to satisfy this minute’

WASHINGTON– U.S. nationwide security area companies launched a report Nov. 18 proposing methods to enhance the country’s area economy and innovation base.

The 92- page “ State of the Space Industrial Base 2021″ report was composed by senior authorities from the U.S. Space Force, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Defense Innovation Unit. It sums up conversations accepted more than 250 federal government, market and scholastic specialists.

” While the speed of development and financial investment in the U.S. is at an all-time high, this will not be sustained without tactical instructions, robust adoption of business area abilities revealed in significant agreement chances, tactical labor force advancement, attention to vulnerable domestic supply lines, and resolving the anemic financing to model, verify and speed up ingenious and disruptive area abilities for nationwide security,” the report mentioned.

The style of the report is that the United States has a “tactically strong” area sector however “we are missing out on the long term vision, the roadmaps, the purposeful long term financial investment,” stated Col. Eric Felt, director of the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate.

” We’re in an excellent location today, however we have a great deal of tactical issues, and how do we ensure that we’re likewise in a fantastic location tomorrow?” he stated Nov. 18 at an Atlantic Council virtual occasion on the report.

” You take a look at the variety of developments and brand-new things that are being carried out in area, the development community, where you have great deals of brand-new business entering area and personal financial investments where you have a record quantity of equity capital entering into area start-ups,” stated Felt.

” That’s all extremely favorable and really strong. Which’s what we imply by tactically strong however those are all really near term things,” he included.

” There’s great deals of issue that it might not continue, and if we desire that to continue, we require to be taking some extremely proactive and intentional actions today,” Felt stated. “We have a really aggressive and patient rival in area in China with a 50 year strategy.”

NASA backs report

In a joint declaration, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond backed the report.

” Both NASA and the Space Force think strong engagement from throughout federal government, market and academic community is necessary to satisfy this minute,” they stated in their declaration. “This is really a brand-new period of tactical cooperation that will benefit business, civil and nationwide security in area.”

This is the 3rd version of the State of the Space Industrial Base report, which was released in 2020 and 2019

The report argues that the federal government, especially the Defense Department and intelligence neighborhood, ought to much better support the area market by obtaining commercially offered services instead of establish systems internal.

The area market sees “unstable assistance by the U.S. federal government as a customer of business services and products,” the report stated. “The significant exception here is NASA, which continues to enhance both its direct financial investment in, and procurement of industrial area offerings.”

For example, U.S. military and intelligence firms are lagging in their procurement of business satellite images, the report stated. “A broad spectrum of space-based Earth observation satellite business have actually emerged” that can supply a vast array of information items. “However, token financial investments are not enough, and the sluggish rate of business acquisition by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office is producing rewards for U.S. business to withdraw from the nationwide security track.”

Another proposition is to establish prepare for a “area superhighway” that benefits from industrial developments for in-space logistics to construct facilities. “This effort must be performed in close cooperation with NASA,” the report stated.

” In terrestrial modes of logistics, the capability to use civilian ports, civilian fuel, and civilian user interfaces is a substantial force multiplier, and the very same holds true in area.”

The report kept in mind that there is excessive focus and financial investment in launch however insufficient capital entering into other sectors of the market such as in-space logistics and producing that will be important to develop an area economy.

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