Meat consumption dips across Europe, with ‘trend setter’ Denmark at ‘back end of the pack’

Meat consumption dips across Europe, with ‘trend setter’ Denmark at ‘back end of the pack’

A significant study performed under EU-funded job Smart Protein, which intends to establish a brand-new generation of sustainable and healthy protein sources, has actually exposed a growing variety of Europeans are minimizing their meat consumption.

The study was performed by the University of Copenhagen in cooperation with ProVeg International, Ghent University, and Innova Market Insights.

Close to 46%of Europeans state they are consuming less meat compared to this time in 2015.

However, in Denmark– a frontrunner in sustainable advancement understood for forging ahead in cooking development– customers are among the slowest to decrease meat consumption, with simply 37%following this pattern.

This implies that 63%of Danish customers have actually not lowered their meat usage, putting Denmark in equivalent last position out of the 10 European nations surveyed.

‘ I anticipated more from Denmark’

Professor Armando Perez-Cueto– among the Smart Protein partners– stated he was motivated by the study’s total findings.

” Our meat intake can have a significant effect with concerns to the environment crisis we’re up versus. It is motivating to see that a relatively big percentage of the European population is consuming less meat than in the past.”

At the exact same time, the teacher kept in mind Denmark’s position among the other 9 nations surveyed. ” It is notable that Denmark, which is typically progressist and a pattern setter, is at the back of the pack. I anticipated more from Denmark.”

The study exposed the Nordic country likewise ranked last in regards to intent to lower meat consumption. While almost 40%of Europeans integrated plan on lowering their meat intake in the months ahead, the figure for Danes is 33%.

In other words, 67%are going to consume as much as previously, or more meat than in the past.

Why is Denmark ‘lagging’?

Prof Perez-Cueto associates Denmark’s last location to a variety of prospective factors connecting to nutrition, food culture, and expense.

” Firstly, we require to pierce prevalent misconceptions. Half of Danes think that we can not do without meat nutritionally, even if clinical proof points to the contrary.

” Secondly, there is a food culture which states that plant-based foods do not have enough taste which a total mealtime should consist of meat. This view is held by 45%of Danes. While just 100 years have actually passed because Danes lived mainly on a plant-based diet plan, the story of what’s right to consume has actually grown highly.”

Other contributing elements might be preventing uptake of plant-based options, the teacher continued.

More than one-third of Danish customers discover plant-based foods too pricey, do not understand how to prepare them, state info about them is doing not have, or do not discover them aesthetically appealing.

For Prof Perez-Cueto, these elements ‘can and need to be’ dealt with. ” It ought to be a job for all of society– public authorities, scientists, organisations, and so on– to push individuals towards more climate-friendly consuming routines.

” Because a green shift of society can not occur without a green shift of our food intake.”

Additional findings of Smart Protein’s current study can be discovered here

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