HUBER+SUHNER launches rail antenna that boosts 4G and 5G connectivity

HUBER+SUHNER launches rail antenna that boosts 4G and 5G connectivity

A brand-new antenna from HUBER SUHNER has actually been released today to enhance rail connection through using innovative double polarisation antenna innovation.

Designed to support possible 4G and 5G high information throughput over the train-to-ground connection, the SENCITY ® Rail MIMO Rooftop antenna permits travelers to perfectly perform their digital activities onboard. This can be attained by using MIMO innovation, a function currently supported by the majority of modern-day train radios and by the public cellular network.

Powered by double polarisation innovation (patent pending), the SENCITY Rail MIMO Rooftop antenna can link to the base station facilities while on the relocation with 2 extremely decoupled signal streams, which significantly increases the likelihood of attaining MIMO conditions. This leads to increased typical data-throughput, while linked to the general public cellular network, by getting the most out of the sophisticated MIMO algorithms present on radio chipsets. For both traveler connection services, in addition to signal and control services on the trains, operators will now take advantage of increased connection speeds throughout the entire journey. A smoother digital experience on-board can be accomplished without the requirement for expensive setup of devoted trackside facilities.

” The train market has actually been extremely preparing for making use of MIMO innovation to its complete capacity considering that the innovation was initially presented with 3G,” stated Daniel Montagnese, Head of Product Management Antennas at HUBER SUHNER. “Since then, train operators have actually been confronted with the difficulty of how to make high-throughput MIMO speeds a truth in train-to-ground interaction systems which count on the general public mobile network.”

Montagnese included, “During the style procedure, we examined the antennas with drive screening which revealed plain enhancements in the channel condition number, specifically in backwoods. This considerably increases the MIMO possibility and results in much greater general data-throughput rates. The train roof is a complex and difficult environment, for that reason effectiveness is simply as crucial as the efficiency. The MIMO antenna was likewise created for high-voltage and high-current defense to guarantee that the energy of the catenary line does not go through the RF cable television on the antenna and into the train cabin, which would be dreadful for delicate electronic devices and travelers.”

The SENCITY Rail MIMO Rooftop antenna likewise satisfies top quality fire security and ecological requirements. To learn more about the roof antenna, please check out the item page here (EN): Release & utm_campaign=[Global _[MIMO+] or here (DE): Release & utm_campaign=[DE] _[MIMO+]


HUBER SUHNER is an international business with head office in Switzerland which establishes and makes elements and system options for electrical and optical connection. With cable televisions, ports and systems– established from the 3 core innovations of radio frequency, optical fiber and radio frequency– the business serves clients in the interaction, transport and commercial sectors. The items provide high efficiency, quality, dependability and long life– even under extreme environment conditions. Our international production network, integrated with group business and firms in over 80 nations, puts HUBER SUHNER near to its consumers. Additional details on the business can be discovered at

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