Qualcomm is changing the Snapdragon branding ahead of next flagship SoC announcement

Qualcomm is changing the Snapdragon branding ahead of next flagship SoC announcement

What simply occurred? Qualcomm revealed it is altering the Snapdragon branding. The marketing product, the chip producer specified it would eliminate the “Qualcomm” from the chip names and customize the numbering system. We still do not understand the brand-new calling plan, however the business assured more details at its upcoming flagship SoC statement on November 30 th.

Qualcomm has actually been utilizing the exact same identifying and numbering plan in its SoCs considering that 2013, however it appears it’s time to alter that. The chip maker revealed a Snapdragon rebranding is coming, and it will initially appear on its brand-new SoC, set to be revealed at the Snapdragon Tech Summit on November 30 th.

From the marketing product to the identifying of the upcoming Snapdragon SoCs, there will be visible modifications in how Qualcomm recognizes the Snapdragon brand name. Among the most visible will be the elimination of “Qualcomm” from chip names. We will still see Qualcomm related to Snapdragon chips, however less typically than it utilized to be.

Another obvious modification will be the three-digit numbering system we’ve been accustomed to seeing in Snapdragon SoC design names. From now on, Snapdragon chips will be determined by a single-digit series and generation, matching the identifying of other Qualcomm items. The just recently revealed SoCs may be the last ones including the old identifying convention.

Besides the various calling structures, the brand-new marketing product will consist of a fresh take on Snapdragon’s “renowned fireball,” brand-new badge styles with a more modern-day and minimalistic appearance, and the intro of brand-new representative colors (midnight, gunmetal, nickel, Snapdragon red, and gold).

The rebranding will likewise alter what items will come from Qualcomm’s gold portfolio, which the chipmaker will now utilize solely for premium-tier items. All brand-new Snapdragon items will support 5G, getting rid of the requirement to point out which chips support it. All Qualcomm items of the automobile portfolio will now include the Snapdragon brand name at the “platform and experience layer level.”

Qualcomm stated it would information how the brand-new chips are called at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, set up for November 30 th at 3: 00 pm PST, when the chipmaker reveals its brand-new top-tier SoC. Qualcomm published a teaser revealing the figure 8 in all good manners and types that may offer some ideas regarding what it wants for future branding (above).

In associated news, Qualcomm’s competing MediaTek released the Dimensity 9000 SoC, wanting to preserve its development as it keeps consuming the competitors’s market share. This chip ought to equal Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship SoC, however it’s still prematurely to pick sides on which one is the very best choice.

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