Miami orders Lyft to remove its electric scooters from its streets by 5 pm today

Miami orders Lyft to remove its electric scooters from its streets by 5 pm today

A hot potato: Scooter-sharing programs– an advantage to public transportation or problem and security risk? That was the concern Miami city authorities needed to deal with in a pocket product Thursday night. The decision: Safety threat and problem. The Miami City Commission voted versus continuing its pilot program and purchased Lyft to eliminate all its scooters from Miami streets by the end of the workweek.

The city of Miami, Florida has prohibited electrical scooters. The step, which ended up being efficient right away, passed the Miami City Commission in a near-unanimous 4-1 vote on Thursday. Suppliers were provided up until midnight to shut off and up until 5 pm EST on Friday, November 19, to recover their scooters, or the city will seize them.

” We’re shutting it down,” Commissioner Alex Díaz de la Portilla informed the Miami Herald. “That’s it.”

Díaz de la Portilla was the swing vote on the step and had actually voted to extend the scooter pilot program in the past. The commissioner stated his mind was altered after hearing from homeowners. The main argument versus the electrical two-wheelers was security issues.

” On Biscayne Boulevard, at whatever hour of the day, you see kids on these scooters,” stated Díaz de la Portilla, who led the effort to eliminate the program. “This is a mishap waiting to take place.”

Another tipping point is that scooters litter the walkways, producing challenges for pedestrians considering that there are no docking stations.

A Lyft executive stated she was dissatisfied in the Commission’s choice and hopes Miami Mayor Francis Suarez will reverse the judgment.

” We’re very dissatisfied in the Commission’s rash and short-sighted action to end the scooter program, eliminating a safe and popular transport alternative utilized by countless Miami citizens daily and putting lots of employees out of a task the week prior to Thanksgiving,” stated Lyft’s Vice President of Transit, Bike, and Scooter Policy Caroline Samponaro. “We were comforted to hear remarks from Mayor Suarez previously today in which he described scooters as an important property to cities. We are enthusiastic he will withstand the Commission on behalf of Miami citizens and visitors to stop this action.”

Despite the instant restriction, the program is not dead in the water. City staffers remain in the procedure of preparing guidelines for an irreversible scooter program. As soon as total, they will send out the standards to the City Commission for approval. If all goes as prepared, Miami will begin hearing quotes from suppliers starting in January.

Miami is not the very first city to prohibit motorized scooter sharing. In 2019, Nashville banned them after an inebriated rider was eliminated in a traffic mishap. At the time, Nashville was host to pilot programs for 7 various scooter business, consisting of Lime, Lyft, Spin, Gotcha, Bird, Bolt, and Jump. Scooters in Florida have actually been eliminated numerous other times throughout storms for worry of them ending up being lethal projectiles.

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