Amazon India execs charged after sellers allegedly use site to smuggle marijuana

Amazon India execs charged after sellers allegedly use site to smuggle marijuana

Ganja think it? Seller declared to offer ‘Stevia leaves’, however moved a tonne of crazy ‘baccy prior to being busted


Police in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have actually charged Amazon India executives under narcotics laws, after discovering a cannabis smuggling operation focused around the e-commerce site.

On November 14, cops declare, 2 males captured having 20 kg of marijuana were utilizing Amazon India to offer their item throughout state lines. The suppliers, who had actually signed up as sellers on Amazon, promoted the item as sugar alternative component Stevia leaves, however upon assessment the item ended up being a totally various and much less legal weed. Authorities think the dealerships had actually currently moved roughly 1,000 kgs of dope– valued at $148,000– on Jeff Bezos’ digital tat market.

The extremely next day, the authorities summoned regional Amazon officers to describe their function in the smuggling operation. A senior authorities validated the action by mentioning that Amazon has large expert system abilities and must for that reason have actually had the ability to nip the criminal activities in the bud.

” There is the participation of Amazon at lots of levels in this cannabis shipment, from supplying logistical assistance to shipment,” stated senior cops main Manoj Singh.

By Saturday November 20, Madhya Pradesh cops had actually charged senior Amazon officers with offenses under India’s narcotics laws. There is no idea that Amazon India personnel were personally associated with the sale.

A post on the Bhind Police Facebook page specifies that a concealed variety of executives were implicated under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act since of variations in between Amazon paperwork and the details exposed in the authorities examination. ®

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