SpaceX and NASA plan to crash a satellite into an asteroid next week

SpaceX and NASA plan to crash a satellite into an asteroid next week

Since 2017, NASA has actually remained in the procedure of screening to see whether crashing a satellite into an asteroid can alter its course, getting the assistance of SpaceX on this venture in2019 Today, the rocket business shared that it has finished a fixed fire test and is targeting November 23 rd as the launch date of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART).

At 10: 21 pm PT that day, NASA will “purposefully crash the DART spacecraft into an asteroid to see if that is a reliable method to alter its course, ought to an Earth-threatening asteroid be found in the future,” SpaceX stated in a tweet

A fixed fire test is among a number of actions in getting a launch car all set to release, and it examines engine start-up efficiency, determining things like pressure and temperature level. With this phase total, SpaceX and NASA look set to proceed next week.

DART is targeting a binary asteroid with 2 bodies called Didymos (the Greek word for “twin”). Didymos B is 160 meters (about 174 backyards) big, and orbits the bigger Didymos A, which is 780 meters in size. The binary asteroid would have passed Earth securely in 2022 and once again in 2024– they weren’t on track to reach our world.

But NASA has currently determined a minimum of 23 items that might possibly hit us over the next 100 years. Creating a defense technique is crucial to securing humankind needs to Armageddon ever be on the horizon.

Update 11/20/21 1AM ET: We fixed the post to clarify that the target launch date is November 23 rd. We excuse the mistake.

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