Hidden iPhone trick to make reading text easier

Hidden iPhone trick to make reading text easier

Finding that it’s difficult to check out the text in specific apps on your iPhone? Specifically when you’re utilizing an app that utilizes a little font style size (Facebook and Instagram come to mind).

iOS 15 has a technique up its sleeve to make this simpler for you.

A lot much easier!

And you do not need to make the text huge in every app to do it. You can selectively alter the font style size for particular apps.

As with the majority of these “iOS techniques,” they’re not apparent. You’ve learnt more about where it is to utilize it.

Let me reveal you.

OK, First thing you require to do is to include the Text Size function to the iOS Control.

To do that, go to Settings > Control Center, and scroll down to the bottom to More Controls and tap the green plus indication beside Text Size

Text Size

OK, so that’s included the Text Size button to the Control Center Swipe (from the top-right down on more recent iPhones with Face ID, or from the bottom up on older handsets with Touch ID) to bring up Control.

Text Size button in Control Center

OK, now you have it set up, you can begin to utilize it. When you’re in an app that you wish to alter the typeface size– up or down– raise Control Center and tap the Text Size button.

Text Size controls

This will offer you 2 settings– vertically there’s a slider that permits you to manage the font style size, and along the bottom you have a toggle that lets you select if it specifies for the app or an international modification you’re making.

Now you understand how to make this modification, you can modify the font style size in apps to your heart’s material!

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