Apple Watch Series 8’s leaked render reveals no design overhaul

Apple Watch Series 8’s leaked render reveals no design overhaul

The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t getting here prior to next September, however details about it has actually currently begun putting over the web. Last month we heard the Watch Series 8 will be available in 3 sizes, and now, we are taking a look at the Watch Series 8’s CAD render exposing its style.

This render has actually been produced based upon the images and CAD files gotten by the source from individuals acquainted with the matter, and it informs us that the Watch Series 8 will not feature a style overhaul as anticipated.

In reality, the only visible modification we see is that the Watch Series 8 has a set of speaker grilles rather of one. It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that the color utilized here is not a part of the leakage, however the source declares to have actually seen the Watch Series 8 in a light green shade, comparable to the iPad Air‘s.

While this photo reveals that Apple is recycling old style for its next-gen smartwatch, reports have it that the Cupertino-based tech giant will offset it by presenting brand-new functions.

That stated, there’s still a great deal of time for the launch of Watch Series 8, and it stays to be seen if Apple will shock us with a various style at the occasion as it made with the Watch Series 7, which was anticipated to show off flat edges rather of curved ones seen on previous designs.


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