Tortoise opening the new science lab at the University of Lincoln

Tortoise opening the new science lab at the University of Lincoln

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Level 1

“the fuck man where’d my lunch go”

Level 2

Heyyyyy I was eating that!

Level 2

“the fuck man where’d my lunch go”…

…ahh, Yes – deLish!

I take a bite

(it’s what they said to do…)

it was their wish –

i did it right,

but Wait – this Can’t be True !?

the T a s t y vine –

it Dissappear!!

I Barely got to Munch!!

…but it was Mine

it’s Gone, i fear…. :{

….now WhErE the F*CK’s

my LUNCH ??!


Level 2

There’s a ton of them in the lab, snappy don’t worry

Level 2

That poor turtle probably hadn’t had a meal in a week 😂

Level 1

Little friend absolutely nailed it!

Level 2

He definitely understood the assignment

Level 1

This is adorable. Now hopefully they gave him some of that sweet sweet greenage.

Level 2

The stickiest of the icky

Level 2

They actually tested vaccines on him 20min later

Level 1

It’s appropriate as the tortoise was a major donor. He shelled out big bucks!

Level 2

Dont tortoise soup it yet. It has a bright career ahead

Level 1

I was expecting him to take way longer and for that guy to have to just awkwardly hold him there for like five minutes.

Level 2

That’s what we were all hoping for

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