Microsoft’s Decentralized Identifier Network (ION) Goes Live on the Bitcoin Network

Microsoft’s Decentralized Identifier Network (ION) Goes Live on the Bitcoin Network

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Microsoft’s Decentralized Identifier Network (ION) Goes Live on the Bitcoin Network

The brand-new structure for confirming online identities was released on the Bitcoin mainnet on Monday. A layer 2 innovation, DID resembles Bitcoin’s scaling service Lightning network with the exception that rather of payments, it utilizes the biggest blockchain to develop digital IDs.

Microsoft’s ION has actually had contributions from Bitcoin and the similarity BitPay, Casa, ConsenSys, Gemini, and Protocol Labs, in addition to from Cloudflare, Spruce, and others. The groups from Transmute and SecureKey, who are developing their own DID networks, dealt with ION too.

” We are delighted to share that [version 1] of ION is total and has actually been released on Bitcoin mainnet,” composed Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner in a post.

” We have actually released an ION node to our production facilities and are working together with other business and companies to do so. ION does not count on central entities, relied on validators, or unique procedure tokens. ION responses to nobody however you, the neighborhood.”

As an open-source job, anybody can download the code and run an ION node and begin utilizing the service. For this, ION uses an open-source procedure for decentralized identifiers, Sidetree, which is developed by the designers of ConsenSys, Transmute, Mattr, and Microsoft.

The ID network, ION, validates identity online that might no longer need users to fumble with e-mails, contact number, or passwords for confirmation.

The job has actually remained in closed beta considering that June 2020 and is lastly available to the general public.

To validate that a user owns an ID, ION utilizes a public secret and its involved personal secret, just like Bitcoin’s deal layers. These IDs are anchored to the biggest network’s blockchain through the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) procedure.

The nodes can process as much as 10,000 ID demands in a single deal. Anybody who wishes to run ION can do that either by means of a remote node or by downloading it straight on a native gadget. For those who want to communicate with the service however do not wish to download a node or wallet, Microsoft has actually established an API for them.

The group stated now that variation 1 of ION is introduced, to bootstrap nodes much faster, it will concentrate on launching a “light customer.” This will likewise enhance ID resolution by licensing an ID while the associated deal is still in the mempool, where legitimate deals wait to be validated by the Bitcoin network.


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