Google rolling out patch to improve Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor

Google rolling out patch to improve Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor

Google is rolling out a brand-new spot that needs to enhance the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro‘s finger print sensing unit, however it may not be coming to Canada.

Google’s assistance page keeps in mind that the upgrade consists of “small bug repairs and some finger print sensing unit efficiency enhancements for [the] Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.” The notes do not particularly state how the sensing unit is enhanced, and they discuss that the upgrade is U.S. and Japan just.

Google formerly mentioned that its finger print scanner takes a bit longer to validate than other gadgets’ due to the fact that it utilizes “improved security algorithms” that can “take longer to confirm or need more direct contact with the sensing unit.”

Some The Verge authors appear to have actually observed a little enhancement in finger print efficiency following the upgrade, however according to Dieter Bohn, the publication’s managing editor, it’s still slower than the Galaxy S20’s. For what it’s worth, the upgrade hasn’t gotten here on my Pixel 6 Pro yet, that makes sense provided I’m in Canada.

I have not personally skilled problems with the finger print scanner, however the issue does appear to be fairly prevalent We’ve connected to Google to find out more relating to if the upgrade is concerning Canada.

Source: Google Support page Via: The Verge

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