Goodbye Google Pixel 6 Pro: 9 reasons it’s not the phone for me

Goodbye Google Pixel 6 Pro: 9 reasons it’s not the phone for me


Pixel 6 Pro.

is the very best mobile phone readily available from Google, see our complete evaluation, however that does not imply it is the very best smart device for everybody. It likewise is not the very best smart device offered throughout the marketplace that consists of phones from Apple and Samsung. Some things can be repaired with software application updates, however other parts are hardware-related so you require to choose if they are very important to you or not.

I pre-ordered a Pixel 6 Pro and it showed up a number of weeks back. My return due date is tomorrow and it’s all boxed up and prepared to head back to Google. Readers understand my main day-to-day motorist is the
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

and while I wasn’t trying to find the Pixel 6 Pro to change it on T-Mobile, I believed it might work as my Google Fi main gadget. At the $1,000 cost point, it’s too pricey to keep as a 2nd phone offered the lots of locations where the phone let me down.

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Camera efficiency is a significant focus for mobile phone makers today, however there is a lot more to a mobile phone than simply the electronic camera. Provided there will be a $50 Black Friday discount rate on the
Pixel 5A 5G.

, I’m seriously thinking about getting that phone for its electronic camera and Google Fi compatibility rather.

Here are the main factors I am returning the Google Pixel 6 Pro. A number of these might be resolved with software application updates, however I’m not going to invest the cash to discover at this time.

  1. Slow charging: Yesterday I utilized the Pixel 6 Pro for taking images, making Teams calls, e-mail, text messaging, and more while out on a boat for 9 hours so at the end of the workday the battery was down to 24%. I plugged it into the rental automobile battery charger and drove 40 minutes to the hotel. The battery just increased to 38%and after that in the hotel, it took more than an hour to get up to 85%. I have not seen a phone charge this gradually in a very long time and can’t handle battery stress and anxiety in 2021.
  2. Average battery life: The Pixel 6 Pro has a 5,000 mAh battery so it ought to quickly get you through a complete day with a minimum of 6 hours of screen-on time. I’m seeing 4 to nearly 5 hours SOT and a battery that is extremely low at the end of the day. Integrated with sluggish charging, it’s not the phone for me.
  3. RF reception: Connectivity is very important to me given that I invest a great deal of time travelling and taking a trip for work. Samsung and OnePlus have actually constantly mastered cellular reception efficiency so I utilize them as the requirement. Utilizing the Pixel 6 Pro side-by-side has actually exposed that it lags and drops the signal when my Z Fold 3 continues to keep me linked. I even saw the Pixel drop to 3G prior to losing the connection. I comprehend that Google is utilizing an older generation Qualcomm X55 modem while my Z Fold 3, and other 2021 gadgets, have a more recent X60 modem inside.
  4. Unreliable finger print sensing unit: I did not set up a screen protector, however the under-display finger print sensing unit has actually been undependable with a success rate of about 40%. I enjoy the side sensing unit on the Z Fold 3 and even the rear sensing unit on older Pixel phones that work 100%of the time. There isn’t even a choice for face unlock on the Pixel 6 Pro so it has actually been irritating attempting to utilize a safe and secure lock on the gadget.
  5. Speaker volume and quality: I normally utilize earphones when noting to music or watch motion pictures, however I simulate having strong speakers for call. Regardless of having stereo speakers on the Pixel 6 Pro, the leading speaker (constructed into the phone headset speaker) is extremely weak so the general speaker experience is simply typical. Apple and Samsung master this location and Google’s flagship ought to be completing at that level for $1,000
  6. Random Spotify outbursts: For some factor, Spotify arbitrarily begins playing my last stopped briefly music at random times on the Pixel 6 Pro. I have the very same variation of Spotify on my other phones that do refrain from doing this so I do not believe it is the application. Having AC/DC blast while sleeping or throughout a conference is not a pleasurable experience. This looks like it might be repaired with a software application upgrade.
  7. Scrolling not rather there: Putting my Z Fold 3, both display screens, side-by-side with the Pixel 6 Pro, and having actually both linked to WiFi reveals that rapidly scrolling up and down the display screen is a more smooth experience on the Z Fold 3. When I initially began utilizing the Pixel 6 Pro I believed the experience was a bit various, however it wasn’t up until I put them beside each other that I verified something is keeping the Pixel from acting as a 120 Hz revitalize rate should.
  8. Big, slippery, and curved edges: The Pixel 6 Pro needs to be taken into a case or it will move off of practically any surface area and out of your hands. It is a very slippery phone and there are no matte surface alternatives. It is likewise a huge phone and even the Pixel 6 is too huge for lots of people. I’m made with curved edges and have actually been ruined by my flat screens on the Z Fold 3. In general, I’m simply not a fan of the style of the Pixel 6 Pro.
  9. Cameras aren’t constantly terrific: I’ve shot several images on numerous phones to see how the Pixel 6 Pro did and while it routinely bests the other phones (relatively subjective depending upon what you like in an image) I have likewise knowledgeable bad shots when I anticipated much better. When I travel I take food shots to share excellent meals with my household and in the majority of these some food products remain in focus and others are not. It hasn’t done extremely well with close topics and I have not been impressed enough to accept the other compromises for the electronic camera alone.

All of us have various requirements for our mobile phones and a few of my issues above might not use to your circumstance. There are likewise a couple of that are just the method the phone was constructed and you likewise require to choose if it is a compromise you want to produce the video camera and long-lasting updates from Google.

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When Google released its pre-orders I purchased a Sorta Seaform Pixel 6 for my other half, believing she would value the video camera and an upgrade to her
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

. After simply 2 days she handed it back to me and informed me to return it and offer her back the S20 Ultra. Her main problems were that it was too sluggish and unresponsive, the cell signal was not as great as Samsung, and it was too slippery. I was quite amazed by her absence of interest for the convenient Google software application aspects.

I’m curious if you believe my feedback on the Pixel 6 Pro is blinded by my fascination with the
Galaxy Z Fold 3.

. Have you experienced any of these problems with the Pixel 6 Pro? Are there other elements of the phone that triggered you to avoid buying one or returning it?

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