Western Digital’s 20TB hard drive is available this month for $680

Western Digital’s 20TB hard drive is available this month for $680

Something to eagerly anticipate: When Western Digital exposed its 20 TB hard disk drive and brand-new storage architecture previously this year, it had not offered a concrete date or cost for basic accessibility. Now the drives seem on sale, though for a large price and still without an exact shipping date.

Western Digital initially revealed its 20 TB enterprise-oriented disk drive with brand-new OptiNAND innovation at the end of August. OptiNAND utilizes ingrained flash memory to save drive metadata, which Western Digital states enables more storage and accelerate access to information. The business stated it was tasting the brand-new drives to pick consumers initially while preparing a broader release later on in the year.

Now, the WD Gold 20 TB hard disk drive with OptiNAND is offered on Western Digital’s online shop for around $680 The shop page still does not provide a release date, however it pegs accessibility at one-to-two weeks. The checkout page likewise reveals shipping as one-to-two weeks. It’s uncertain if that suggests the date variety within which it prepares to launch the 20 TB hard disk drive or if it has actually currently offered out and brand-new stock will not remain in for another number of weeks. Far, Western Digital hasn’t made the 20 TB difficult drive offered at any other seller. The site likewise lists a 20 TB Ultrastar hard disk drive however has no information on cost or accessibility.

Seagate currently delivered20 TB hard disk drives utilizing HAMR innovation in 2015. Both business want to have 30 TB hard disk drives in the 2nd half of this years ( second-generation HAMR when it comes to Seagate), and Seagate strategies to get to 100 TB by 2030.

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