Poco F3 long-term review

Poco F3 long-term review


A low-cost phone that does most (or all?) things in addition to a far more costly state-of-the-art gadget – that’s constantly been the concept behind the ‘flagship killer’, since OnePlus developed that expression. It remained real when Poco( phone) at first took the world by storm with its very first handset some years back, however can this still hold true in 2021? Is the Poco F3 this year’s ultimate ‘flagship killer’ or simply a phone that attempted to ride that concept however eventually stopped working in some way?

Well, let’s see. Throughout the years, the flagship killer formula has actually remained rather undamaged, although there have actually been changes occasionally. You require a flagship-level chipset, to make it possible for piece de resistance, a sufficient (a minimum of) level of smoothness, excellent (if not terrific) battery life, a great (however not always best) screen, and some electronic cameras.

So far so great for the Poco F3, a minimum of on paper. Genuine life often beats even the most comprehensive specification list, which is why we chose this is an interesting adequate phone to utilize for a long time and see what’s what in the day to day. With its rate now sturdily in the variety when inhabited by the initial flagship killers, it appears to have a battling opportunity.

But there’s constantly more to the story, and we wondered to see how the specifications equate into day-to-day usage. Will the Poco F3 measure up to its theoretical mantra of punching method above its rate point? Or will it have some disadvantages that can’t truly be conquered? Well, if you wish to learn simply exactly what is the handle the Poco F3, please join us over the next couple of pages as we connect to you what it resembled to cope with, as our one and just mobile phone for a prolonged amount of time.

Spoiler alert: it mainly provides precisely what the spec sheet would have you anticipate, however there are some welcome surprises too, along with some locations where expenses were really plainly cut. Just how much that may affect your individual viewpoint of this phone truly depends upon what your concerns are, and we attempted to set out the case for and versus the Poco F3 in the most comprehensive method possible in this evaluation, so you have all the information you require for a genuinely notified choice.

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