Microsoft will update Windows 10 with new features every year, matching Windows 11

Microsoft will update Windows 10 with new features every year, matching Windows 11

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Microsoft revealed that it’s preparing to lower WIndows 10 function updates every year, which will match it with the upgrade rate for Windows 11 This year’s Windows 10 upgrade was launched today, with the next one set for the 2nd half of 2022.

” We will shift to a brand-new Windows 10 release cadence to line up with the Windows 11 cadence, targeting yearly function upgrade releases,” according to Microsoft’s head of Windows maintenance and shipment, John Cable.

Despite all the buzz surrounding this release schedule, this year’s upgrade is rather small with the only significant function of note being GPU calculate assistance in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The 2022 upgrade material hasn’t been exposed at this time however Microsoft has actually made it clear that a minimum of one variation of the OS will be supported up until October 14 th, 2025.

Analysis: There’ll still be assistance for Windows 10, for a while anyhow

It appears that as Microsoft continues to support Windows 10, the business has actually been presenting Windows 11 at a quick rate. Initially, this appears at chances with each other, however when thinking about the length of time it considers users to adjust to a brand name brand-new OS the choice makes good sense.

Earlier this month Windows 10 got the upgraded Microsoft Store through the Insider Program– the really exact same one that 11 introduced with– while it presented for the November 2021 upgrade for everybody else. And back in April, it was revealed that DirectX 12 would not be connected to Windows 10 updates however rather be provided to every variation of the OS.

Microsoft does appear to be motivating Windows 10 users to make the upgrade through the PC Health Check app on their gadgets, permitting those who utilize it to see whether they can run Windows11

But the truth stays that much of those gadgets aren’t really able to make the switch thanks to relatively rigorous requirements Indicating that it’s essential for the tech giant not to push away existing Windows 10 users, and the very best method to do so is by guaranteeing that they still get complete assistance well into the future.

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