Intel 4004 Is Already 50 Years Old: What Makes It So Special

Intel 4004 Is Already 50 Years Old: What Makes It So Special


Intel 4004 is the very first commercially produced microprocessor from Intel, released back in 1971 for $60 It is likewise the world’s very first general-purpose CPU in a compact single-chip form-factor, which powered the Busicom 141- PF/ NCR 18-36 calculator.

Coming back to 2021, Intel has actually continued to make the CPU, and the business just recently released the Intel Alder Lake CPUs with a hybrid CPU style for the really very first time in the x86 architecture. In simply 50 years, a great deal of modification in the CPU market, and here are some intriguing anecdotes about the very first and the c urrent CPU from Intel

Intel 4004 Specifications

The Intel 4004 is a quite uncomplicated CPU with 2,300 transistors, while the existing Alder Lake CPU has billions of transistors. The Intel 4004 has a 16- pin dual-line-in (DIP) on a plan and was made utilizing the Silicon-Gate processor.

Intel 4004 utilized 10 μm, while the most current-generation CPU utilizes architectures which are determined in nanometer. Based on the frequency, the CPU has an optimum clock speed of 750 kHz with a wafer size of 2-inch making it much thicker than the current-generation high-performance Alder Lake CPU, which simply determined 300 mm.

Today, we have general-purpose CPUs like the Intel Core i9-12900 K which uses 16 cores and 24 threads, while the Intel 4004 is simply a single-core processor without any assistance for hyperthreading. If you believe 2-inch is a quite huge footprint for a microprocessor, do keep in mind that the majority of the processors at that time had a footprint of 20- inch.

Why Did Intel Develop 4004?

Back in 1969, Nippon pertained to Intel to get 12 custom-made chips to power a printing calculator. Intel informed Nippon that it can do a four-chip household that can do whatever 12 customized chips can do, that includes a chip that supports programs and can be utilized for a range of gadgets.

The household of these 4 chips was referred to as MCS-4, that includes the Intel 4004, which was thought about as the CPU, ROM (read-only memory), RAM (random gain access to memory), and a shift-register chip for input and output.

Intel then restored the rights from Nippon and introduced the Intel 4004 and its extra chipsets in 1971, that made the Intel 4004 the very first general-purpose programmable processor which can be utilized to carry out various jobs utilizing the software application.

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