Google Pixel Fold may have been cancelled before it was even announced

Google Pixel Fold may have been cancelled before it was even announced

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The Google Pixel Fold might have passed away prior to it was even revealed, as a brand-new report recommends the collapsible has actually been canceled in the meantime– if not completely.

The tip originates from a report by Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who pointed out supply chain sources as stating Google has actually canceled part orders and deserted strategies to bring the collapsible to market in 2021 and even in the very first half of2022 This might imply it’s not coming out till later on, or it might indicate the Google Pixel Fold has actually been deserted totally.

Bad news for those waiting on the Google Pixel Fold. We hear they have actually canceled parts orders and chose not to bring it to market as shown in the current DSCC Weekly Review. See blog site excerpt at @DisplaySupply Pt November 15, 2021

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Why? The sources informed DSCC that Google didn’t think the Pixel Fold would contend well in its specific niche. Provided the strong proving by the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 that released back in August, we aren’t shocked to hear that thinking.

Analysis: a weak year for foldables– for everybody however Samsung

This year began with some interesting principles flaunted at CES 2021, leading some at TechRadar (as in, this author) to state 2021 the year of the rollables We understand how that played out: the LG Rollable passed away when LG left the mobile phone service in April, and while TCL presented the enthusiastic Fold N’ Roll that exact same month, we have not heard a peep about it given that.

With LG’s exit, we run out phones like the LG G8X and LG V60 that included the Dual Screen peripheral, and news in June recommended the Motorola Razr 2021 was cancelled, too. The very first Honor collapsible might be introducing quickly, and Oppo has one apparently coming in December, however with just a month delegated enter the year, those launches might quickly roll into 2022.

So while it appears like the Pixel was alerted off by even less competitors than there might have been with just the Samsung Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 coming out this year (and with restricted accessibility, the Royole Flexpai 2), Google would have still needed to exceed third-generation foldables launched by the business most experienced because phone specific niche. Integrated with the continuous supply chain problems, it’s not unexpected that Google pushed time out on the Pixel Fold– if the business hasn’t silently cancelled it totally.

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