Amazon Prime Video finally gets a native app for macOS

Amazon Prime Video finally gets a native app for macOS

Amazon has actually lastly launched a native Prime Video app for macOS, offering Apple users a method to see and handle material from their computer system. The app, which is now readily available in the Mac App Store, consists of some functions not available through web internet browsers, significantly the capability to download particular material for offline watching.

Though Amazon Prime Video can be accessed through a web internet browser, the native video app makes it possible to view material with picture-in-picture mode on Mac gadgets. This will make life simpler for users who wish to capture up on a program while getting some work done, messaging, or anything else they generally do on their Mac.

The Prime Video native macOS app likewise supports offline seeing with downloads, assistance for purchasing and leasing material through the app, and assistance for profiles in circumstances where more than a single person utilizes the exact same account. The native app likewise has AirPlay assistance.

Mac users have the choice of purchasing material utilizing the payment technique they have actually saved money on their Amazon account or, additionally, utilizing in-app purchases with their Apple account. The native app supports Mac computer systems performing at least macOS 11.4 Big Sur, consisting of the older Intel-based gadgets.

This is a welcome addition for Prime Video customers who choose to enjoy material on their Apple laptop computer or desktop, shedding the web browser constraint to use macOS functions like PiP assistance. The native Prime Video app is offered to download free of charge from the Mac App Store now

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