Twitter quietly switches off HTTP connections to API

Twitter quietly switches off HTTP connections to API

If your Twitter API demands were having concerns over the previous number of days, altering to an SSL connection ought to repair your issues.

In case you have actually not discovered yourself on Twitter’s dev website just recently, the social media network just recently changed all its API traffic to need an SSL connection.

A notification on and a banner along the top of the website were the only notifications that I saw, that whatever you understand about APIs and Twitter will alter. Honestly, it was simple to miss out on if you had not felt the requirement to poke around Twitter’s dev docs.

To intensify the confusion, when a script now tries to link to Twitter’s API utilizing a HTTP connection without SSL, all that is returned by the API is a “403: Forbidden” mistake.

For a lot of utilize cases and structures, the modification needs to just require to be including a boolean flag or striking the API with an https prefix rather of http.

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