Teenage Engineering releases mini-ITX PC case that you can build yourself

Teenage Engineering releases mini-ITX PC case that you can build yourself

What simply occurred? Teenage Engineering, a Swedish business understood for its cordless audio equipment and synthesizers, is now broadening into the PC case market by introducing the computer-1, a minimalistic mini-ITX aluminum case delivered as a build-it-yourself set.

On the outdoors, the computer-1 can capture anybody’s attention with its pure orange RAL 2004 powder-coated surface. The chrome manages enable simple transportation from one location to the other without any trouble.

Measuring 170 x190 x322 mm with manages consisted of, the compact computer-1 was created to inhabit a little footprint on top of your desk, maximizing area for other things. Regardless of its size, you can still house a total system inside it, however you’ll require to consider its constraints. The computer-1 just supports 2-slot GPUs up to 180 mm long, 120 mm high CPU coolers, and SFX PSUs.

Besides its aesthetic appeals, another thing that makes the computer-1 case various from others is how it’s delivered. It comes as a build-it-yourself flat pack package mainly made from 1mm aluminum panels that are “versatile adequate to flex into shape, and tough adequate to keep your elements protect.”

The package features whatever required to develop the case, consisting of a detailed handbook demonstrating how to assemble it and where to flex the aluminum panels. Have a look at the handbook if you’re interested in how the entire thing fits.

Teenage Engineering’s computer-1 mini-ITX case origins return to when the business’s production. At that time, workers were searching for a PC case fitting their requirements, to no get. Utilizing their own laser cutter, some 6mm high-density boards, and spray paint, they produced what would end up being the preliminary model of the computer-1 chassis.

As their requirements progressed, so did the case. The manages utilized in the preliminary model could not bring the case’s weight. The model was put together utilizing basic wood plugs to keep it together. None of that was practical, much less for an industrial item, leading them to change the board panels for aluminum to decrease weight and change the plugs for a tougher choice.

The computer-1 case retails for EUR195 All systems have actually currently offered out. Those interested can leave their e-mail, and Teenage Engineering will send out alerts out when they have more in stock.

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