Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on technology

Shanghai, Suzhou push deeper cooperation on technology

Shanghai and Suzhou sealed arrangements on 193 science and innovation cooperation tasks on October 26, in the middle of the deepening combination of the twin cities.

In line with the essential expressions of “combination” and “high quality,” Suzhou, a dynamic city in Jiangsu Province, is deeply associated with executing the incorporated advancement technique of the Yangtze River Delta, and taking the chance offered by Shanghai’s strategy to end up being a science and technology development center with international impact.

Suzhou is likewise concentrating on the co-construction and sharing of development resources, the change of clinical and technological accomplishments, skill exchange and training, and the growing of emerging markets. The city is taking the effort to get in touch with Shanghai’s science and development, skill and policy resources.

In the next phase, both sides will share big significant clinical devices and centers in Shanghai and Suzhou, promote the larger usage of Shanghai-Jiangsu “science and technology development vouchers” and direct the extension of Shanghai science and innovation services to Suzhou.

The 2 cities will support cooperation in between the Shanghai-based East Center of National Technology Transformation and Suzhou’s Southern Jiangsu Center of National Technology Transformation and the opening of the “Shanghai Jiangsu innovation market.”

Shanghai and Suzhou will likewise deepen clinical and technological development cooperation in essential locations, support the linkage in between Shanghai’s significant clinical and technological facilities and Suzhou’s significant development platforms such as the nationwide biopharmaceutical technology development center and the nationwide third-generation semiconductor technology development.

Scientific research study organizations of the 2 cities are motivated to collectively perform positive basic research study, so regarding attain initial ingenious and tactical technological developments.

Shanghai and Suzhou will concentrate on the significant technical requirements of business in crucial commercial fields such as biomedicine, expert system, incorporated circuits and the digital economy, and perform joint research study and promote development innovations in crucial locations.

They will likewise support ingenious business and clinical research study organizations to collectively construct an industry-university research study development platform and promote the change of accomplishments into truth.

In addition, Shanghai and Suzhou will interact in the building and construction of a development neighborhood in the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone, develop science and technology development vouchers and motivate business to buy science and innovation services from the presentation location and the Yangtze River Delta.

Both cities will support business with typical innovation requires in Qingpu, Wujiang and Jiaxing to collectively get science and innovation tasks in developing a local development neighborhood, enhance cooperation with the G60 Sci-Tech Corridor and concentrate on leading markets such as expert system, incorporated circuits and biomedicine.

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