PUBG 14.2 brings explosives, but console players will have to wait

PUBG 14.2 brings explosives, but console players will have to wait

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds upgrade 14.2 was detailed on Friday, providing those who aren’t on the test servers their very first take a look at what they can anticipate next month. The spot will bring a couple of huge modifications to the video game, especially for gamers who choose the brand-new Taego map, consisting of explosive weapons for assaulting opponents from a range.

The PUBG 14.2 spot showed up on the video game’s PC test servers recently and is set up for release to all gamers on PC and consoles next month. PC gamers who aren’t on the test servers will get access to the 14.2 upgrade on November 3, followed around a week later on for consoles on November11

Players can anticipate a brand-new mortar weapon in Taego that will generate in structures, allowing gamers to fire rounds a range of 121 m to 700 m. All of the maps will get the brand-new M79 Smoke Grenade product, on the other hand, allowing them to hide in open locations by releasing a cloud of smoke. Even much better, the M79 will just use up the Pistol slot in one’s stock.

Another crucial modification with this upgrade includes the swimming mechanic. Moving forward, gamers who are knocked while in water aren’t ensured death; rather, they’ll have the ability to go into a swimming mode for an opportunity at getting to coast for revival. The knocked swimming rate is set at half speed and the modification does not have any effect on drowning– it’ll just take 10 seconds for the gamer to drown and be removed.

On a more entertaining note, PUBG is likewise getting a brand-new Chicken character in 14.2. The animal will be discovered in the Taego environment, where it’ll be calm by default, though things like gunshots, steps, punching and other noises might trigger it to fly away in worry. Striking the chicken will eliminate it.

Players who wish to go into the smaller sized information can have a look at the complete 14.2 spot notes on the PUBG site now.

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