Novel of the week: The Echo Chamber by John Boyne

Novel of the week: The Echo Chamber by John Boyne

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Boyne’s brand-new unique targets ‘mobile phone innovation; social networks; and misdirected wokeness’

In 2019, John Boyne discovered himself “monstered” online when his YA book My Brother’s Name is Jessica was implicated of transphobia, stated Jonathan Myerson in The Observer His action has actually been to cast aside his typical level of sensitivity, and “carry the spirit” of Tom Sharpe.

In The Echo Chamber, he targets 3 “pet dislikes”, stated Bert Wright in The Sunday Times: “mobile phone innovation; social networks; and misdirected ‘wokeness'”. The unique centres on “aging chat-show host” George, who activates a Twitter pile-on when he “deadnames” the receptionist at his lawyer’s workplace. (In a tweet, he calls her Aidan instead of Nadia.) At a time when we urgently require great satire, this “uproariously amusing” unique “provides in spades”.

It didn’t for me, stated Melissa Katsoulis in The Times Boyne might be a stylish author, however as a satirist he’s hit-and-miss. And on event, he’s favorably offending: one character, a Ukrainian dancer, is a “sort of Eastern European version of Little Black Sambo”. Easy to understand as Boyne’s dislike of “woke culture” might be, this “disturbing” unique will not assist his cause.

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