DF Direct Weekly takes on Intel XeSS, Black Myth Wukong PS5 and Pokémon Legends Arceus

DF Direct Weekly takes on Intel XeSS, Black Myth Wukong PS5 and Pokémon Legends Arceus

Plus: PS1 video gaming at 4K on Xbox Series S.

DF Direct Weekly strikes a quarter century with a complete 25 reveals under our belt and with this one, we have what might well be the biggest program we’ve ever done – which’s all to the large weight of tech news today, starting with conversation of Intel XeSS and the expose of the brand-new Alchemist GPU. I went to Intel’s Architecture Day recently – my very first ‘face to face’ company conference considering that the Xbox Series X expose in March 2020 – and what strikes me is that Intel has actually stacked whatever into this GPU. Features-wise, we’ve got complete DX12 Ultimate compliance (naturally) however more than that is the considerable silicon financial investment in hardware-accelerated ray tracing and artificial intelligence functions. In this sense, Alchemist is quite going toe-to-toe with Nvidia in architectural terms compared to AMD, where the silicon spending plan has actually mostly been invested in rasterisation efficiency and memory bandwidth optimisations.

Suffice to state that we’re extremely, really thrilled about Intel’s entry to the marketplace – not least since of XeSS innovation, which sees another market giant handling Nvidia’s DLSS – really high quality super-sampling based upon artificial intelligence. We’ll have more on this later on in the week, however definitely from the slides we saw, the inputs and processing of XeSS appearance really, extremely comparable to Team GeForce’s DLSS set-up – the distinction being that Intel is seeking to set market requirements for this interesting innovation. The demonstration looks fantastic, so inspect that out if you have not currently and hold tight for some possibly really amazing protection from DF quickly.

I had the week off for this one however do have a look at what the group needs to state about the brand-new UE5 demonstration for Black Myth Wukong, the playable sampler for Tales of Arise and the discourse surrounding Pokémon Legends Arceus, plus the exceptional circumstance where the Xbox Series S has the ability to play PS1 video games at native 4K resolution through emulation.

DF Direct Weekly emerges for a 24 th time, this time committed by John Linneman, Audi Sorlie and Alex Battaglia.

If you’re wanting to avoid ahead to particular parts of the program, take pleasure in these thoroughly curated time-codes.

  • 00: 00: 00 Introduction
  • 00: 01: 20 Intel XeSS
  • 00: 07: 24 New Black Myth Wukong trailer
  • 00: 14: 03 Pokémon Legends Arceus expose
  • 00: 21: 57 Tales of Arise demonstration XSX vs PS5 impressions
  • 00: 30: 53 DuckStation on Series S: 4K overclocked PlayStation 1 on Xbox
  • 00: 39: 36 Ubisoft crossover season, Resident Evil x Rainbow Six x Watch Dogs x Assassin Creed
  • 00: 45: 40 Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness teaser trailer expose
  • 00: 54: 51 DF Content: Crysis protection and feedback
  • 01: 15: 04 DF Content: DF Retro updates
  • 01: 19: 28 DF Supporter Q1: Who’s the very best player among the DF group?
  • 01: 23: 28 DF Supporter Q2: The old testimony
  • 01: 28: 55 DF Supporter Q3: I was simply questioning if Alex will be doing a video on precisely what sort of PC you require to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on console comparable settings?
  • 01: 32: 01 DF Supporter Q4: Any opportunity of a video constructing a specification for spec PC and pitting versus the PS5/XSX in an efficiency video in different video games?
  • 01: 36: 17 DF Supporter Q5: Does setting the resolution on a PS3 to 480 p and linking to a CRT enhance efficiency on PS3 video games?
  • 01: 39: 32 DF Supporter Q6: When do you believe we could see a PS5 Slim or smaller sized Xbox Series X?
  • 01: 42: 35 DF Supporter Q7: PlayStation comparable to FPS Boost?
  • 01: 46: 29 And now, the conclusion

Beyond that, there’s the typical range of behind-the-scenes conversation on our current material, some updates on DF Retro and naturally, a huge lot of concerns provided by our backers on the Digital Foundry Supporter Program. Do you wish to contribute and get early access to the program? Back us, chat with us on Discord, get early access to a lot of arranged material plus a huge lot of perk product. Join us!

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