Cortexxus Inc, a Silicon Valley medical technology company, is Reshaping our Relationship with our Brains.

Cortexxus Inc, a Silicon Valley medical technology company, is Reshaping our Relationship with our Brains.

Following its vision “Empowering People Living with Brain Disorders”, Cortexxus introduces its very first item – IDEA – Intelligent Data Exchange & Analytics – an EEG (electroencephalography) storage, evaluation, and sharing platform that supports a large range of EEG Data formats.

Brain Disorders are a growing health issue worldwide, particularly provided the boost in typical life span. It positions an incredible concern on clients, caretakers, and society as a whole. According to the World Health Organization, there are one billion individuals with identified brain conditions. Cortexxus has actually been dealing with a service that elegantly attends to an unmet requirement and resolves a huge issue – useful innovation for aiding with effective medical diagnosis and treatment of Brain Disorders.

Cortexxus is releasing – IDEA – Intelligent Data Exchange & Analytics: a cloud platform committed to electroencephalography (EEG) information storage, sharing, and visualization.

With IDEA, EEG information is published and shared in a couple of basic actions utilizing a web internet browser and can then be evaluated by experts and the analysis shared. The users with whom the EEG is shared get an e-mail with a link for evaluating the recording. Concept furthermore reveals an easy to use, contemporary control panel that sums up a client’s sessions and unusual occasions. Concept consists of a powerful search engine that permits you to search and rapidly discover clients or EEG in your huge database.

” For every client who has had a previous electroencephalogram (EEG) and is being described a neurologist or epilepsy professional, it is essential to be able to examine the initial raw EEG recording as part of a total examination,” states Dr. Babak Razavi, MD, Ph.D., Cortexxus Co-founder and Assistant Professor at Stanford University. “Unfortunately, it is rather challenging, frequently difficult, to share EEG information throughout organizations and even in some cases within organizations as there is no basic online or central system for doing this.” Dr. Razavi states. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a scientific test that identifies electrical activity in your brain. EEG is a crucial test for identifying and handling epilepsy (i.e., seizure condition). EEG can likewise assist with other brain conditions such as stroke, growths, concussion, as well as sleep issues.

For clients, Cortexxus IDEA’s primary benefit is having the ability to use clients total access to their neurological info. Concept enables clients to manage their information, asking for and getting their EEG information from any physician or EEG laboratory quickly. As an outcome, clients can determine where their information goes to assist accelerate medical diagnosis and treatment. They can send out invites to any supplier of their option to access their EEG information for more prompt neurological assessment. “The COVID-19 pandemic turned the health care system upside down and challenged medical facilities, clients, insurance providers in various and brand-new methods. Clients have actually pertained to play a more active function in their health care and decision-making more than ever. Getting access to their information has actually ended up being essential,” states Ana Margarida Alves Cortexxus, CEO and Co-founder. “Patients wish to be in control of their medical information and health choices.”

Figure 1: Cortexxus IDEA’s sophisticated control panel supplies a summary of all client occasions with time consisting of seizures and simple single-click access to examine the raw EEG for occasions of interest.

For doctors, Cortexxus IDEA’s primary benefit is its abundant, sophisticated, user-friendly interface, and effective digital filters, which do not need any programs understanding. The platform highlights an useful and effective method to EEG information sharing and analysis, allowing prompt medical diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions. This has actually never ever been done prior to. “Cortexxus IDEA will considerably make my day-to-day work effective by enabling me to quickly get to, or share, previous EEG recordings for my clients”, Dr. Babak Razavi states. “When I see a client for the very first time in the center, I will currently have access to their previous EEGs even prior to the go to begins and currently have a strategy in mind. Now, that’s useful and effective!”

Figure 2: Cortexxus IDEA has an easy to use control panel for effective searching and searches functions that enable fast access to any EEG or client in a big database.

Figure 3: Cortexxus IDEA enables numerous users to tag EEG files and perform conversations on their findings for effective evaluation of EEG information.

” Cortexxus IDEA has the ability to shop, share, and evaluate petabytes, or countless hours, of raw EEG information,” states David Ribeiro Alves Cortexxus CTO and Co-founder. “IDEA will end up being the biggest repository of EEG information on the planet, making it possible for the advancement of brand-new treatments for brain conditions that were not formerly possible,” includes David.

Figure 4: Cortexxus IDEA’s instinctive user-interface for sharing EEG information quickly with other users.

Cortexxus Inc. is a Silicon Valley medical innovation start-up established in2017 The group is formed by Ana Margarida Alves, Chief Executive Officer, David Ribeiro Alves, Chief Technology Officer, and Dr. Babak Razavi, MD, Ph.D., Principal Biomedical Scientist. The Cortexxus group took part this job as an outcome of a typical dream – to put their competence at the service of those who require it most and to utilize innovation for the advantage of mankind.

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