Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley full fight video highlights

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley full fight video highlights

Watch Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley complete battle video highlights from their clash above, thanks to Showtime and other outlets.

Paul vs. Woodley happened Aug. 29 at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1) clashed in the primary occasion. The battle aired live on pay-per-view.

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For more on Paul vs. Woodley, take a look at the live blog site by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Woodley comes out extremely low to begin and it’s Paul moving the outdoors early. Woodley penetrating with jabs to the body early, browsing the reach. Determined method from both guys early, each sensation with jabs. Paul beginning to try to find double jabs, while Woodley is still seeking to cur the cage. Paul lands an excellent mix, consisting of a hook to the body that ratings. Woodley truly taking his time here and Paul is settling in with his reach. Woodley lands a set of hooks to the body when they 2 come together however very little on them. Woodley enter an overhand right however Paul sees it come and actions off.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Paul.

Round 2: It’s early yet, however Woodley just tossed 6 punches in the preliminary. Can’t win a battle like that which’s been a significant issue for the previous UFC welterweight champ over the previous couple of years. Maybe he’ll open this round.

Paul looking comfy to begin the 2nd. Standing high and bouncing. Paul is the much better fighter today and Woodley requires to unclean this up since standing outdoors is providing Paul excessive time to see the huge right-hand man. Paul truly working behind the jab however he’s moving A LOT. Wonder if he has the cardio to keep this up. Undoubtedly, Woodley isn’t making him work outside of the motion.

Not a great deal of action this round. Paul continuing to jab and after that he lands a strong combination. Paul is definitely appearing like a male who is attempting to improve. Woodley still stuck in very first equipment as he can’t confine Paul and the boo birds come out as the 2nd round ends.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Paul, 20-18 Paul in general.

Round 3: If Woodley keeps this up, this is going to be a long night for him and the fans. Paul isn’t going to run the risk of opening when he can win like this therefore it’s a little bit of a slog. Paul lands a great right-hand man and Woodley now beginning to jab more. He’s likewise cutting the ring off much better and lands a great! Paul returns with a strong combination though and now the mix punching is actually connecting well.

Woodley working the jab more and now attempting to fire the right behind it. He requires more of this and more counters. Paul is beginning to fire with impunity and Woodley needs to make him pay. Woodley lands a great uppercut when Paul ducks under however Paul is great. Woodley lands a directly ideal at the bell that may be his finest punch.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Paul, 30-27 Paul in general.

Round 4: On the replay we see the right from Woodley landed well and Paul consumed it without concern. That’s an issue for Woodley since he has no volume. Woodley comes out somewhat more aggressive early, requiring more exchanges and both males are tossing with more power now. A clinch and Woodley beginning to play physical on the within.

Woodley strolling Paul down regularly now however can’t rather discover the line to shoot and Paul appears to be slowing. WOODLEY CRACKS PAUL WITH A BIG LEFT HOOK! Paul stumbles to the ropes and hangs on to avoid tipping over and now Woodley remains in pursuit! Paul is still on unstable legs and Woodley picking up the minute. Paul on his bike and awaiting the bell, which he makes it to.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Woodley, 39-37 Paul in general.

Round 5: If Paul is decreasing, things might get extremely fascinating. That most likely ought to’ve been a knockdown for Woodley and he is overflowing with self-confidence to begin the 5th. Paul has his lands low and Woodley lands a huge uppercut. Paul is attempting to fire into Woodley now Woodley has plenty of self-confidence.

Paul still tossing however he’s on the defensive now and Woodley’s right-hand man is discovering a house. Paul misses out on a substantial haymaker however a left hook does land and now Woodley drops his hand and is baiting a slugfest. Woodley has actually dropped his offense significantly the back half of this round though and it’s letting Paul return into it.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Woodley, 48-47 Paul in general.

Round 6: That last round might’ve gone in any case however Paul has actually weathered the storm.

Woodley marching Paul down and roughhousing on the within once again. Paul back to the jab and Woodley does not have sufficient offense. All one-shots now and Paul is avoiding the majority of them. The fans are booing once again which gets Paul to open with a 5-punch combination. Paul is plainly exhausted however he’s still out there working while Woodley is back to waiting.

Woodley has actually landed a couple of good shots this round however if he might show up the volume he might retreat from Paul here. Rather, Paul is outworking him now. Not a great deal of power from Paul in these shots now however it’s more than the absolutely nothing Woodley is providing back. Woodley ends the round with a combination however it’s insufficient.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Paul, 58-56 Paul in general.

Round 7: Woodley’s corner is urging their fighter to simply do something. This is a familiar scene if you’ve viewed the last couple of years of his MMA profession. Woodley starts the 7th by clinching.

One minute into the 7th and Woodley has actually tossed possibly 2 punches. Paul isn’t doing much either however and Woodley lands a great counter left a minimum of. Woodley forces and exchange and Paul fractures him with a hook. Woodley more active now and Paul taking deep breaths. Woodley beginning to require the concern and land some good shots inside. Paul lands a stepping left however his mixes have actually fallen off. Woodley consumes a huge counter best however Paul’s punches have no sting on them any longer and Woodley lands a shot of his own.

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Woodley, 67-66 Paul in general.

Round 8: It’s extremely possible Paul is up 6 rounds to 1 at this moment. Woodley definitely requires something now and he begins with that in mind, searching to begin and tossing some bombs. Paul consumes a right-hand man however Paul is looking revitalized for the last round. Paul has actually found out he can duck in whenever and Woodley has no offense to avoid it. It’s simply a clinch and time draw. Paul breathing greatly however STILL Woodley is refraining from doing enough. Paul not doing much either. He’s cruising this round. SUBSTANTIAL RIGHT HAND lands for Woodley however Paul takes it well and he’s running around the ring waiting on the last bell. Paul commemorates as it ends and thinks he’s won. He might well have however we score the bout:

MMAFighting ratings the round 10 -9 Woodley, 76-76 DRAW in general.

Official Decision: Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley by split choice

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