Speech by S for S on Hong Kong National Security Law at side event webinar at 48th session of UN Human Rights Council (English only) (with photo)

Speech by S for S on Hong Kong National Security Law at side event webinar at 48th session of UN Human Rights Council (English only) (with photo)

Speech by S for S on Hong Kong National Security Law at side occasion webinar at 48 th session of UN Human Rights Council (English just) (with picture)

Following is the speech by the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, on the Hong Kong National Security Law at a side occasion webinar at the 48 th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) today (September 23):

Thank you, Minister Jiang (Minister, Permanent Mission of individuals’s Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and Other International Organizations in Switzerland, Mr Jiang Duan), for the extremely kind intro.

Excellent early morning women and gentlemen.

At the side webinar kindly hosted by the Permanent Mission of individuals’s Republic of China at the margin of the 46 th session of UNHRC in March 2021, we showed guests the severe violence and riots dealt with by Hong Kong back in 2019 and 2020, and how the intro of the Hong Kong National Security Law plugged the legal loophole in securing nationwide security. 6 months have actually passed, and I am pleased to report that things have actually continued to establish on a favorable pattern in Hong Kong, being back on the course of development and success – all thanks to the Hong Kong National Security Law and the enhancement to our electoral system.

The healing is evidenced by a drop in total criminal activity rate. In the very first half of 2021, the overall variety of criminal activities reduced by around 5 percent when compared to the very same duration of2020 Criminal offenses consisting of arson, injuring and major attack, along with criminal damage have actually signed up significant drops varying from 10 percent to 40 percent. Hong Kong reassumes leading positions in indexes worrying law and order, suggesting that Hong Kong stays one of the best cities in the world.

And with stability comes success. Among others indications, Hong Kong’s GDP in the very first half of 2021 increased by 7.8 percent year-on-year; the typical day-to-day turnover of the stock exchange increased by 60 percent for the very first 6 months of 2021 when compared to the exact same duration in2020 The city continues to gradually advance from healing to development, regardless of the down pressure from COVID-19 With stability brought back, Hong Kong is as soon as again well-positioned to make the very best out of the chances brought by, and matches the strengths of, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which has a combined population of 86 million, and a combined GDP of US$ 1.7 trillion, including an abundant environment of start-ups and ingenious innovation business.

We should stay alert – the stability might be short-term if we let our guard down, particularly when regional terrorism, which formerly stayed underground, has actually emerged just recently. On July 1 this year, which is the 24 th anniversary of our go back to our Motherland, a guy stabbed a police officer in the hectic street of Hong Kong and dedicated suicide later on. The assailant was thought to have actually been radicalised by many phony info published in regional media.

Following the attack, messages that honoured and commemorated the opponent and tried to romanticise and glorify the despicable show seditious intent to prompt hatred in society were flowed online. The society was additional perturbed by a declaration made by a trainee association of a regional university, mentioning that the association was “grateful for [the attacker’s] sacrifice”.

In the very same month, members of a terrorist group were jailed. Proof revealed that they were outlining to set bombs in public locations (consisting of courts and tunnels), showing the sticking around nationwide security risk which the HKSAR deals with. It is lucky that we now have the legal tool to sanction the acts promoting or promoting terrorism by virtue of the Hong Kong National Security Law in addition to other regional laws, to bring those crooks to deal with justice.

To the public of Hong Kong, prior to the severe violence and riots in 2019, such circumstances would just appear in report on terrorist attacks in other nations, or in motion picture scenes. The danger is now genuine and it asks the concern – why are all these occurring now?

In the 4 years approximately prior to the violent riots, Hong Kong had actually been seeing a consistent decrease in its criminal offense figures. The motivating pattern, nevertheless, was interfered with and reversed by the severe violence and riots, with rioters preaching what they called “shared damage”, to leap off the cliff with Hong Kong. Some outrageous people even prompted the youths “to break the law to accomplish justice”.

It is likewise outrageous that some nations smear the Hong Kong National Security Law, or perhaps ask the Hong Kong National Security Law to be eliminated, when these extremely nations have their own nationwide security laws, a lot more strict or having a broader scope than the Hong Kong National Security Law. I might not discover a much better word than “double-standard” to explain these nations. As I have actually elaborated above, we have to remain alert of the reviving of nationwide security dangers that stays.

To take a look at the matter in higher depth, the development of the acts and activities threatening nationwide security was sustained by conspirators who handled to get their method into public workplaces through open elections. Recently, these individuals utilized their status as public officers to block and even paralyse the operation of the Government, and glorified the violent acts of the rioters, attempting to sway the general public viewpoint to mistrust the Government. Some even conspired with external forces to weaken both our nation’s and Hong Kong’s security and interests. This turmoil has actually exposed that there are certainly loopholes and shortages in Hong Kong’s electoral system.

To really attain long-lasting stability and security, not just the Hong Kong National Security Law has to continue to be in result; the electoral system of the HKSAR need to likewise be enhanced to promote the concept of “one nation, 2 systems” and totally execute the concept of “patriots administering Hong Kong”.

In this regard, in March 2021, with the authorisation of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the Standing Committee of the NPC embraced the modified Annexes I and II to the Basic Law covering the technique for the choice of the Chief Executive and the approach for the development of the Legislative Council respectively. The HKSAR Government consequently gazetted the Improving Electoral System (Consolidated Amendments) Ordinance 2021, which was gone by the Legislative Council and entered into impact in May.

At the very same time, the general public Offices (Candidacy and Taking Up Offices) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2021 entered into impact on May 21, which improves the oath-taking requirement for public officers, consisting of District Council members, in addition to attends to the dealing with system for breach of oaths. On top of all federal government authorities and civil servants who have actually currently promised, the oath-taking by District Council members is now underway. The HKSAR Government will likewise slowly extend the oath-taking to officers of specific statutory bodies; let me make it clear that the oath just needs one’s affirmation to promote the Basic Law and swear loyalty to the HKSAR in accordance with the law, which anybody holding a public position in Hong Kong might barely contest.

With the complete application of the concept of “patriots administering Hong Kong” and the Hong Kong National Security Law, the HKSAR Government is now well geared up to avoid and reduce acts threatening nationwide security, focus our attention and energy to deal with Hong Kong individuals’s issues in the social, income and financial fields, accomplish great governance for the public excellent, and make finest usage of the chances in the Greater Bay Area so regarding guarantee the ongoing success of Hong Kong.

I make certain that as long term stability and security are accomplished, much more chances wait for. I hope you will join me in supporting the Hong Kong National Security Law and the enhancement of our electoral system, and together we will check out and catch the large chances ahead.

Thank you.

Ends/Thursday, September 23,2021

Released at HKT 20:29


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