Pixel 6 updates story is a disheartening missed opportunity

Pixel 6 updates story is a disheartening missed opportunity

Google simply recently revealed what might be its most significant Pixel phone considering that the very first one in 2016, and, conserve for a couple of reasonably small kinks, it ended up being simply as great as we had actually expected. Sure, schedule isn’t instant, which strip of plastic on top absolutely keeps an eye out of location, however, all in all, the Pixel 6 is practically the best Android phone. Nearly. It fell short in one rather crucial element that’s nearly taken for given, stopping working to take that one little important action towards ending up being the very first real Android iPhone.

The Difference a Year Makes

To be reasonable, Google really enhanced the Pixel 6’s upgrade assurance, a minimum of as far as the security updates are worried. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro both get up to 5 years of such updates, up from the previous generations’ 3 years. Android variation updates, nevertheless, stay at 3 years much like in the past, so the Pixel 6 set will end up being dated after October2024

That’s a year more than what most smartphone suppliers want to devote to, however it’s likewise a year short of what Samsung simply guaranteed. One might argue that Samsung is just using that huge guarantee to a variety of its smart devices, however Google has a considerably smaller sized variety of phones to support anyhow. Samsung isn’t Android’s developer either, so Google’s failure or hesitation to do one much better does not precisely do it prefers.

Tensor Tension

Part of the buzz around the Pixel 6 is the brand new Google Tensor, the business’s very first industrial System-on-Chip (SoC) for mobile phones. Its efficiency in the wild still needs to be determined and evaluated, however the experiences it makes it possible for absolutely sound appealing. It appears that Google will not be able to take benefit of creating and utilizing its own chip, at least in terms of calling the shots for software application updates.

By creating its own processor, Google avoids the requirement to have actually an upgrade checked and licensed by a various entity, specifically Qualcomm. By creating its own phones, Google currently has the benefit of having the ability to press updates straight to them, a minimum of for provider opened designs. This is the exact same benefit that Apple has actually long taken pleasure in by managing both the hardware and the software application sides of the iPhone. It appears that Google isn’t yet prepared to capitalize on that with its first-ever self-designed phone chipset.

Treble Troubles

The absence of enhancement in the Pixel 6’s upgrade timeline does raise concerns about Google’s efforts in making Android upgrades much easier and much faster. Task Treble has actually long been a requirement for all Android phones because Android 8.0 Oreo in2017 Job Mainline is expected to likewise assist make upgrades even lighter and has actually seen a significant enhancement in Android12

With all these structures in location, plus Google’s practically total control over both the Pixel 6’s hardware in addition to its variation of Android, you ‘d anticipate that it would have the ability to support the phone longer than it had other Pixels in the past. Paradoxically, those extremely exact same functions may in fact be Google’s defense versus assuring more than 3 years of Android variation updates. If it can press brand-new functions by means of Google Play Store anyhow, why would it trouble with the work to get Android 16 and beyond dealing with the 2021 Pixel 6?

Google Not Apple

A huge part of the dissatisfaction over the Pixel 6’s three-year upgrade strategy originates from contrasts with Apple’s performance history. The iPhone maker has actually up until now had the ability to support gadgets that are 5 and even 6 years of ages. Which’s with nearly the very same active ingredients and environment that the Pixel 6 now has. Amusingly, Apple is still in some cases implicated of “organized obsolescence” so that it might offer more gadgets, which isn’t tough to think provided its existing organization and organization designs.

Google, on the other hand, isn’t actually in business of offering hardware and makes more cash off its environment of Web services, advertisements, and so on. The newly-launched Pixel Pass reveals a possible brand-new design for Google to bundle its phones with its services, eliminating it of the issue over getting users to update phones every year or 2. It would, in truth, work much better in its favor if it might get individuals keeping their Pixel phones far longer, preventing the disruptive and still dangerous job of moving in between phones.


It’s rather discouraging for Android fans that the platform’s upgrade efficiency is still an aching point today. Things have actually absolutely improved, and producers are stepping up to take obligation as much as they can. Google, nevertheless, is or must still be the design of Android updates, and it missed out on ending up being the hero with the Pixel 6.

That stated, there’s still that “a minimum of” expression in Google’s assistance file, so it may still end on a high note in the long run. One can certainly hope Google will do excellent by Pixel 6 followers, however, a minimum of in the meantime, it’s still among the most notable Android phones of the year. Ideally, the evaluations will match the buzz.

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